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PadoMike Ban Appeal.

A Foul Goblin

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Why the Verdict is Not Fair:

OP posted that we had no reason to “kill him”; I positively identified him as someone who, two-three days prior, had robbed a friend and threatened his life(my friend also Identified him aswell). On top of that he’d already failed to answer Dr. MacNeil’s questions(which at are no longer used) and was told prior that he’d be executed if he didn’t comply, which he didn’t. Also there was a situation outside where people had taken responsibility for the hostages, and at the time the Good Samaritan rule applied (not sure if it has changed or not). He, along with another hostage, had been executed while the other three had been let go after the raid was over.

Additional Statements/Comments Explaining PoV: At the time I was watching the front gate and taking fire from the people who had claimed responsibility for the hostages, so I took cover and went down into the barracks where he was being held. I tried to confirm that he had failed to answer the questions of Dr. MacNeil due to it being a raid and we were holding down Desal; the team speak was pretty backed up at the time, but I heard personally that he had failed the questions and was not complying and was to be executed (I later confirmed this with Dr. MacNeil after the raid had been done). I thought he was trying to say something about going NorthEast and not running away, so I responded with “Well I guess you can do whatever you want in hell; the people outside have taken responsibility for you and have failed to provide your protection.”

What Would You Like to Achieve with This Appeal?: I would like to be permitted back into Day Z RP with the two ban strikes I had at the time.

What Could You Have Done Better?: I could have typed in direct communication chat rather than saying it over a very chaotic team speak, which I will do and promote in the future if this appeal gets accepted.

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I brought this up in staff. Thank you for reposting, as I was just going to reopen your old one. Sorry for the delay. Stand by as Staff discusses this.

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  • Emerald

After reviewing this case extensively, we have decided that you have provided enough new evidence to be allowed back into our community.

Appeal Approved.

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