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What do you do in Real Life?

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I looked and didn't see a thread like this.. maybe I didn't look hard enough.. however..

I thought it would be interesting to see what my fellow members of the community do when they are not playing DayZRP..

I will start it off.

I live in a small town in Indiana USA

I work in Pest Control for a company called Plunketts.

I am an Army Veteran, served in Iraq..

I have held many different foundry and factory jobs..

When I am not working and not playing DayZ..

I play other video games and spend time with my family.

I have a girlfriend, a 7 year old daughter.. a 6 month old daughter.. and another baby on the way.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, and shooting.

I collect guns in real life.. my collection includes..

an AK-47, AR-15, and shotguns and .22 rifles.

So.. I guess something like that.. if this thread already exists.. please disregard and dispose of it like yesterdays news

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I live in a small town in Georgia, USA

I work for a Major Technology Company.

I have always worked in IT, including the GeekSquad.

I went to college for Medieval History and IT.

When I am not working and not playing DayZ..

I play other video games like Crusader Kings 2.

I have a girlfriend. She also plays on this server.

I enjoy LARPing, outdoors, and programming.

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I live in a big town in Florida,USA.I'm one of those random assholes that call every single number on a long list of pages asking if you want to buy a crappy exercise video. Soooo yeah i'm a telemarketer. Hate is acceptable.

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I live in a small city in the Netherlands, near the port of Rotterdam.

Currently not in school, as I dropped out because I don't see a future in it.

Next year I start at a new school to become a Process Operator.

As I have nothing to do at the moment, I play War Thunder and hopefully soon DayZRP again all day. At night I hang out with friends.

I have a girlfriend. am I cool now? Been dating for almost 2 years now. And she's my best mate also (She's part of the friends I hang out with).

I am a complete geek when it comes to computer hardware, I just cannot stop researching into all the different new graphics cards, processors, motherboards, etc. In the past 3 years I had my pc I almost completely upgraded it twice even though it was not needed.

I have been practicing Karate for 10 years now.

I smoke (bad me) and currently do not drink, as it recently almost cost me my life.

I am a complete VolBeat fanboy.

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  • Emerald

Study at college and sail in spare time. Also work down at a sailing centre during my spare time.

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Im currently studying in school to go into culinary arts. I enjoy long walks on the beach and also hanging out with friends.

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am originally from Santa Ana, California but I moved to Nova Scotia 5 years ago and I love it.

Also I own a shitty honda civic..

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I live in the middle part of Sweden.

I live in a small town out side another small town.

I still go in school to be Civil Engineer/Projet Leader.

On my freetime i like to go motocross, freeriding, hockey and football.

I've been into IT stuff sience i was 11 years old(depending on what it is)

I own 2 cars(Volvo & BMW), one supermotard(motorbike), motocross and an ATV just for fun.

I got a girlfriend, we've been together for about 2 years soon if im correct.

I still live home waiting to see how it is when i'm done in school and so is my gf.

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  • Emerald

I live in a village in England.

I am currently training to be a mechanic not much.

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Monday to Friday = school

In about 2 months school is over and I will go study for real in university or something.

Free time is either gaming or studying. As well I do a lot of gym and sports in general.

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  • Emerald

Live in a small town called Leigh

Currently in school

Hope to go to college and do Football excellence then become a PE teacher

When im not plauing Dayz im playing footy or running or just hanging around with friends

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Guest magw33d

I'm currently a self employed gardener who volunteers at an old peoples day center.

Last year I was a post-graduate babysitter for a german architect.

Such is the life of an ex arts student

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  • Legend

Work in a hospital pharmacy basement making large batches of different medicines.

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- Live in far eastern Canada, Labrador to be exact.

- Have apprenticeships in both Auto Service Tech and Heavy Equipment Service Tech

- Have a wife and a 15 month old son

- Currently unemployed and looking for work

When I'm not in DayZRP I play many many other games, from BF4 to Farming Simulator.

So if you hear a screaming baby in the background of my mic, my son is being bad haha.

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  • Sapphire

Sit on my computer playing DayZRP :trolldance:

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-Wake up around 7-8 and walk 1 hour to work(no driving license :( ). Then act like I know how to get sweet deals from customers

-Studying computer engineering and programming, but barely attending classes, just passing the exams after last minute studying

-I got a lady, but I'm usually single and get tits and butts in the weekends, while partying hard and drunk

-free time hobbits(hobbies*) other than gaming: watching awesome tv series(re-watching battlestar galactica currently), reading books and messing around on a couple old PCs I got

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Guest whitepointer

I live in the worst city, Sydney.

I like to eat, sleep, and shit.

School, pretty gay.

More sleeping and eating.



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  • Sapphire

I work at a gym as a sales person/Porter.

Finishing my last year of school and then going into the army.

I live in a small town north of Boston Massachusetts, U.S.A.

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