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Walter G. LeGrasse ~journal~ (a story in progress)

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So i got bored jerking around on public servers, when found this board. It inspired me to create this character.

The background story for my DayzRP Standalone character

Walter G. LeGrasse was born 1985, only son to jewish russian geologist/writer Jacob Greenberg PhD, who disappeared under undocumented circumstances, during a research mission in Chernoje More (Black Sea) far beyond the coast of Chernarus 1989, and franco-russian Dr. Irina LeGrasse, career driven specialist in the field of neurology and a mental health facilitator.

Dr. Greenberg and his team misteriously vanished and their ship later washed up at the Coast by Rify. It was kept in darkness, away from attention of the public press. A few local fishermen spread rumors about an incident but quickly disappeared, one after another, leaving behind their boats, which can still be found along the coast of Chernarus.

Irina didnt have time to grief, having a babyboy , providing for his well beeing, but working insane hours in an undisclosed project called "A.M.E.N" on authority of a private international firm inside the heavily guarded research facility located south of Pavlovo.


Irina and Jacob learned of eachother in Chernarus, short to the collapse of the soviet powerhouse, where he was part of a geological research assembly. While she decided to move in a warmer climate. Shortly after, Walter was born on the 7th of December 1985.

For a term they spent quality family time, having a decent mansion near the historical stone circle site Altar, when..


.. a private contractor from a western country, who remains unknown to this day, discovered Dr. LeGrasse's talent for genetic research and offered her an instant boost of her career, which should, very soon, take Walter's mother away from him, days at a time.

Although Irina never spoke to Walter about his father beeing in limbo, he grew such a curiosity and fantasy by browsing thru his fathers oddments, that he began drawing and scribbling vividly, with strong faith, somewhat feeling, his father is still alive somewhere out there.

At first nobody drew attention to Walter's childly weird pencil-visions, when, after a closer look, his mother suddenly turned whiter than pale and took the drawings away from him, with hands shaking vigorously. Perplexed did he stare into the pile of his burning pile of paperwork, outside in the garden.

This moment something started growing in the young boy. Drifting further away into daydreams, the only place he'd understand.

Years went by. The only person who had time for Walter, was the Greenberg's odd but trustful housekeeper. Beeing on his own for the most part, 58 year old Mr. Zayzev, a ex-Red Army Veteran, whos young son disappeard, shortly after he got dismissed without honor from the army in 1979, refusing to take part in the afghan conflict. He taught Walter useful survival tricks, like setting up traps in the woods to catch animals and learning the environment, like he was his own son.

After he joined the Svetloyarsk Police Dept., he made youngest detective in the history of Chernarus, solving mere minor cases of drug trafficing and missing people, which was no news in this part of the world, because a lot of people just loved to get crunk, getting lost in the thick woods or drown along the coastline.

Nevertheless, he archieved every case for nostalgic reasons. After witnessing massive misconduct of police force and corruption in his departement, he quit and started using what he had learned, to solve the mystery around his fathers disappearence, looking thru his fathers heritage with a trained pair of eyes, even prepared to go to hell.

Little did he know, that hell would soon come to him.

His mother, Dr. Irina LeGrasse, was put into quarantine after an accident at the laboratory. Walter wasn't allowed to visit her until the "Effect" wore off.

But it never did..

To be Continued


Also Walter G. LeGrasse will broadcast his progress on twitter, which is only possible, if he reaches the Green Mountain antenna -> Greenberg Revelation


Thanks for reading and sorry if i made mistakes (im russian living in germany). Feel free to give any feedback and perhaps some ideas.

You're also welcome to play part in this, if you feel like it.

My Steam name is "Walter G. LeGrasse"

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"Im feeling healthy. Few coughs shouldnt hurt. Got low on water, the rain came right.

Clothes in good condition. No contact. Avoiding the Infected. Couldnt find a weapon but a good shelter. Need to save energy and rest now.

bandages, food, 12 babies for Kingpin

Walter G. LeGrasse

^012 033"

He calls his Revolver "Kingpin"

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