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Humanity Lost: FINAL CHAPTER

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Chapter 3: Journey to the light

It has been 4 days since Dante has passed, I still feel as if I lost a brother. Now what do I do? I am about two kilometers from Berezino, might as well go there for now. I enter Berezino not knowing what there is to come. I Scuffle through houses and find nothing of use but food, and drinks. I rush to the market, praying that there would be supplies that would be useful. As I walk into the market, I alert about 10-15 walkers that are already in the market. I quickly get into a position to defend myself from, when I hear multiple gun shots going off in the distance. The shots ward off the zombies, giving me some time to loot up the market. As I look around, I find no good supplies to scavenge. I quietly walk out the back, heading towards the factory to possibly find parts for a car I spotted near the market. As I walk in, I immediately take cover to the sight of more somalians. I find a good position to hold myself up for a while and listen to the conversation.

“Aay! Whateva happin to da man who shot Okanma?” The dog-like Somalian said. “O dat guy? I shoot him clean in the skull, he is forever dead. I could not find his partna though. He must have ran off like sissy girl.” That man I recognized, he was the man that shot Dante. My heart started pumping real fast at that moment, I reluctantly pulled the safety on my gun, tears coming out of my eyes. I had to get a hold of myself, revenge would seem like suicide. I slip out of the factory unnoticed and began my way south again.

I don’t know why, I wanted to put lead in his skull so bad. I am not the revenge type, I try to block things out. I came upon three valleys, seeing no one in sight, I risk going in the barn like no one is watching. I close the doors, putting the crates in the barn to barricade myself in there.

At about 3 in the morning, I hear walkers on the outside, trying to break in. I climb the stairs, finding an axe. I quickly cut off the stairs so they couldn’t get me. They broke in and never managed to get up to me. I hear voices outside of the barn.

“You! In the Barn! You ave bout 1 menute to get out of da barn or we will blow this place to pieces!”. Great! Somalians must have followed me all this way. I drop everything except the .357 I have and hid it in my back pocket. When all the walkers were killed, I went out of the barn, expecting to be shot on sight.

“Get on da ground!” The man slammed me on the ground, handcuffing me, then put a burlap sack over my head.

It has been an hours since I have been captured. They remove the burlap sack and at first sight, I see the ocean. I know what comes next and I am afraid to even think about it.

“You know da rules, huntsman. 3 fish in 50 seconds, or you die.” I grab the fishing pole, and realize that my .357 is still in my back pocket. Life or death once again, I look around and see him, the man who shot Dante. The timer starts, for 30 seconds I actually try to catch the fish. When it came to 10 seconds, I unsheathed my magnum, firing all bullets at the Dogfaced Somalian.

/ / Sorry if it was short, continuing this story would be torture because i started fresh with a new character

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// Just wondering why you didn't use the same thread?

// I didn't want to make a HUGE Thread. Plus i like to make people think about what happens next. My next roleplay is going to be purely Video as i made a new character. Trial and Error is my motto :D

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