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Guest Pandi

Moved to Questions.

The people you have sent your applications to, will reply in there own time, maybe with more questions or to let you know you have been accepted. Some may even reply telling you the reason for the denial of your application.

Trying to meet groups in-game is also a great method of meeting new groups and joining and even meeting new friends.

The key is just to stay patient and if you don't get any replies, maybe apply for another group or if you want to create your own group idea, you can always do that, just remember you have to meet the requirements before doing that if you are interested in creating your own.

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  • Sapphire

Not all groups read applications all the time, some of the bigger ones read maybe 1 or 2 days a week and then they need to consider if you're the right person for their group aswell :)

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  • Legend

There is not really a given time limit. In 501st I usually get an app send it to Novac who will review it with me and we decide on an interview or a decline message.

You could always write in the Free agents thread and wait to see if a group comes for you then you can decide if that group suits you


Another way is to meet groups in game and ask them (after RP'n with them) about joining.

Ill mark this as solved but leave it open for discussion

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