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As you start

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  • Emerald

Its always random civilian clothing, unless you donate to choose your own skin.

The civilian clothing ranges from beanies and regular clothes to some formal wear.

Also this should have been posted in Questions Section.

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  • Sapphire

In DayzRP you will always spawn with a set of flares, a bandage and a raido.

But for the clothing side of things you will spawn with a random set of civillian clothing such as the clothing that you see lying around the residential buildings within DayzRP such as "Beige Worker Clothing" and other stuff similar to that.

But once you die youll get another set of Civillian clothing and so on, where as if you donate for a skin you can activate that skin for when you spawn in say you die then go to the forums and activate your skin whilst in the lobby or atleast have a living character you will spawn in with that donator skin.

Sorry it took so long to answer your question.

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  • Game Master

What the Scotsman said.

After you die, you spawn with a Random civilian skin. If you donate, you still get random skin spawns but you can activate your Donators skin if: 1. you have a living character and 2. You are offline or in the lobby.

About the gear: You spawn with a Bandage, road flares and a radio item.

Do you have more questions?

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  • Emerald

Hey...you guys dont spawn in with painkillers as well? I spawned last night with them. Everything else you said is spot on. Random clothes and those items.

Oh and even if you donate you need to spawn into the game before you change. So everyone will spawn every time with a random clothing that you can find in the loot table. Some skins are rarer than others might I add.

well have fun bro!

--Joe Kalista.

Oh...can I mark this as solved? Never done it before and I dont think there is anything left to add so...im going to do it. Im not sure if I did that or not...

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