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Hello everyone! I'm not very good at this old school Russian Cold War tech but hopefully you can all hear me! It smells really bad in here so I'll make this quick. My name is Damien Cross, I hail from the land of milk and honey! That's right you guessed it, New Jersey! So yeah after living there for 18 years I decided to go to college in a city called Savannah. That's where I met my best friend Michael Keytan, no he is not Batman, but boy do the ladies like to think so! When the dead guys started walking around we couldn't get a hold of our families and decided to stick together. We ventured fourth to California where we thought we'd make it out of this by going to a bar with our friends and wait for this to all blow over.

BOY DID WE FUCK UP! Sure we got some nice weed but christ it was like every parade in the world in one place but everyone was either dead or well walking….dead. So after that plan went south we took a flight out of there heading to Australia since we heard the great down under was doing better then the rest of the world. We had to make a stop at some country called Chernarus, never heard of the place but I hear it's to die for. We refueled, and the plane was taking off! It was smooth sailing from there because the pilot got infected and our plane suddenly became a boat!

Since then I haven't seen Michael. But I plan to search high and low for my old friend! I try to be a nice guy! But don't push my buttons because I'm kinda a sociopath! Shit looks like the Council is back, boy are they gonna be surprised when they see what I did to their outhouse! See ya friends!!!!!

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  • Sapphire

Nice! i hope you enjoy it! I hope we meet in game. And awesome story. you should write more.

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