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Alright so I don't think there was a post about this. If there was I didn't see one at least. Anyway I was wonder if I didn't like my background story I sent with my application if it's okay to make a new account and start over? After thinking I think I'd like to portray as someone else. I know it says the multiple accounts will get banned but does that also mean the one that got white listed? Thanks for any help!

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Guest ArcticStarling

You can create a new character in the Arma 2 Player profiles, where change the name and appearance, you can make any backstory you want. No new forum account or 're whitelist is needed

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  • Emerald

You don't need to change or go off your backstory after you get accepted.

You can start over and over with new characters. The whitelist character is simply to prove that you can roleplay.

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  • Emerald

Your back story you put on your application has no relevance to what you do in game. It is only to show the admins reviewing your application you are creative enough and took the time to think through a character. You can, at any point, role play a different character. Many people usually have multiple characters they switch between playing to get different styles of RP. So to answer your question, no new account is needed, RP who you want :)

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  • Emerald

I constantly find myself making a new character, it really quite is fun! Feel free to change it to whatever you want, just not more dark things like child molesters, racists, or something like that. The community does not take this kind of

Stuff easily

Good luck!

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