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Clan skins

Should we have the clan skins?  

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My clan is always in conflicts and we are always looking for good RPers and people that are good at combat. With these new recruits some might not be able to get the skins that we wear. This makes it very confusing on when we are in combat because it takes time for us to find out who the person is. When you are waiting all this time to find out who the person is and to find out it is an enemy they could be gone or they might have spotted and killed you.

What I believe can help this is like using the skin system in Dead Zone. If you haven't played Dead Zone what they do is if you are on a clan you can pick a skin for your clan to use and they all get that skin for free. DayZRP uses the donation money for the server then maybe a price can be set for the clan so they all have the skin. A good example would be if we all have different skins and we all want a skin that is €10 but you have to be a supporter to get it. The clan would put on maybe 5 each (supporter or not) of maybe 10 members so they could all have the skin. This maybe would not be a a good price of a group skin but I am just giving an example.

This would help a lot on fire fights for both teams so you can tell who you are killing and not killing a civ. This maybe could have less KOS reports for the admins to deal with :D.

I will be willing to answer any questions someone will have!

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