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Hello.My IRL name is Ben Kavanagh.Im 15.I mostly play just regular Arma II.And Arma II wasteland.I don't play DayZ because of DayZ is mostly a Every man for him self game.I prefer Team/Group type game experiences.Wich is why i would like to play DayZRP as soon as i can.But the soonest i will get in is probably going to be in a year.Or unless the admins let me on early.Wich from what i have heard.is highly unlikely.

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Hey man :), Proave yourself worthy around the community, take parts in discussions and such to get your name out there, if not have fun while you wait!

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yeah dude I hope you get in although i do believe there is a age limit to getting in first but I am not sure what the age requirement so you will have to look that up but I hope you get ion and cant wait to see what character you bring to the server

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