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Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye (S-GRU ver 3.1.0- Imperial Edition)

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[s-GRU] - Company 47

Spetsnaz Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye


We have been in Chernarus for approximately 7 months now, since we crashed in the Green Sea just off Chernarus. We have aquired many new members, and lost so many as-well. Now that Dr Habib is dead, the future of the motherland is bleak. We have lost communication with Moscow, we only get through to Emergency system broadcasts. All communication lines we have with the motherland come back with no answer. It is not our systems, we traveled to Green Mountain, communication centers in Miroslavl' and Kirovograd, costing the lives of my men and only returning the same result. With the rate the infection spreads at we can only assume Moscow has fallen. We hope that has not happened, but without the cure it was always an eventuality. I have assumed the rank of Generalissimus and will now begin the re-civilization of Chernarus. Although I have lost some of the best men I had, fate has shined upon me, and I have gained some new recruits who will give their lives for this task.


Super-Duper Top Secret

Current Mission

First, we must rid Chernarus of the many militia that plague these lands. It will be no simple task, but we have every faith that it is accomplish-able. We will not reason with these people, they have taken the lives of innocent people and will pay with their own.

Then we must move on to the disarmament of the civilian population. At this time, civilians carry around high-tier military grade weapons, not knowing how to use them appropriately and endangering themselves and others. We replace this weaponry with safer weapons such as hunting rifles or shotguns, and teach them how to use such weapons. Any man or woman who cannot control infected with civilian weapons should not be carrying high grade military weapons.

Finally, with the help of the disarmed civilian population, we must rebuild and keep the infected population under control until we can develop a cure, or wipe them out completely. We will start to progress to this task by reinforcing defenses around cities and towns, making it easier to control the entry of infected into important areas and buildings.

This will be a tough challenge, but with the strength of the motherland in our heart, we will succeed.


Clan recruitment is closed at this current time.

Character Back stories | S-GRU Storyline


Our insurgent squad is expected to wear these skins when taking part in missions:



Furthermore, I am happy to announce the formation of our 'Babushka Squad' which is designed to fight any and all threats at their source through nagging and over-feeding.



These will be the true heroes.

Our time is now, comrades!

Pre-order now for estimated Q2 2014 release. All pre-orders of the Imperial edition will receive a full Babushka upgrade which allows you to craft any of the styles available ONLY TO THE BABUSHKAS!

You can get this relative bargain all for the measly donation of €300.

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Reserved :troll:

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Approved. Will move into correct section once I work out how.

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Dammit Sumos, why didn't I think of something similar!

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Dammit Sumos, why didn't I think of something similar!

I....R.....A do it naow :P

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Inb4 SumoS is permabanned.




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Count me in!

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I don't get this thread why was it made ?

1st of April Awesome clan idea might be a hint

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