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The Beginning...

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My name is Nikolai Makarov and you may be wondering why I'm here. This is my story. I was born in Kansas. My mother was Russian and my father was American, they met in college and moved to a farm outside of Kansas City. I guess that history can be blamed for the situation I'm in now...

I was in the military and then worked as an Emergency/Disaster Planning rep for a Private Security Contractor that took me all over the World. I found myself in the Middle East to Africa and down to South America, there was never a dull moment. What I was to the public was nothing but a mercenary. We helped people though, more then some countries own governments helped their own citizens. It's a nasty world out there and I've seen a lot of it, not all of it was pretty but it had its moments. I was surrounded by good men and women, my friends, and I met my girlfriend there. That's where things took a turn for the worst. The outbreak happened. I remember watching the news that day, something going on about something or another, a sickness I think, in Chernarus and that the dead were eating people. Seriously the dead? More like some conspiracy being hidden. There's no such thing as zombies. Really? Animated corpses. I've heard some wild stories but that takes the cake. I would have never taken notice if it wasn't because my sister was there, taking part in a school exchange program. Why there when she could have gone to Saint Petersburg or anywhere else really? I haven't figured that out yet. Then things changed, video footage made it's way out...I had to do something. So I left. A couple work buddies took a job to extract some high ranking official and had room on a boat that would drop us off along the coastline. That was all the information I was given. So we left America and well, now, now I'm a little closer to home. On the trip we heard about the spread on US soil. I hope mom and pop can handle the farm and stay safe.

I just said my goodbyes, looks like we aren't headed the same way. Really wasn't wanting to head out there alone, maybe I'll meet some survivors who have information. We have a rendezvous 3 nights from now at our drop off location. If I'm not back by then I'm on my own. Looks like it's time to do what I came here for...I'm coming Sis.. Just hold on.

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This is great man. Do you plan on making more?

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