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Darth Vader To Run For President.

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So. Saw a few videos and read a few articles and its true that Darth Vader is running for president of the Ukraine. He is running for the UIP (Ukrainian Internet Party) and he will really be on the ballet come election time. "Vader" was originally was sighted during the start of the Kiev riots in mid-winter. While he is always followed by a minimum of two storm troopers. He was decided as the possible elector "After winning intra-party primaries by a landslide, comrade Vader will be our party's candidate," said the UIP leader, Dmitry Golubov. Vader himself was quoted saying he would "make an empire out of a republic". I can only imagine the look on peoples faces when they see Дарт Вейдер on the next ballet.


//A picture of Vader in independence square announcing to the people that he is running. While surrounded by his army of storm troopers.

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  • Legend

Yep... Classic. Best way to show the lack of trust and respect of the goverment itself when you see stunts like this.

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  • Sapphire

#Vader for galatic leader 2014

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