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Ben Mori - the new guy in cherno

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Let me introduce to you "Ben Mori", a 53 years old survivor and his terrible journey from Austria to Chernogorsk during the first months after DayZ. Ben had worked in metal-industry his whole lifetime, excepting some time he paid his own way as a helper for handicapped people. So he didn't have much knowledge about how to survive in the wilderness and Zombies did only exist in books, movies and videogames... And this wasn't a problem at all untill that one certain day...

Ben Mori's Chronicles of the time after DayZ

In the beginning of the apocalypse he and his family did what most people did, they hid in their house and watched all reports about this strange things happening. Was this really going to happen ? People hardly could believe all the terrible things shown in TV, but it was real! It was getting worse rapidly so the Mori's began to save supplies, food and water, simply medical equipment, primitive melee weapons and useful tools, just everything that may be important in future. When the gouverment told poeple should leave their homes and avoid all cities and villages and try to reach one of the rescuepoints or so called save-zones in the Alps, Ben, his family and some of their friends and neighbours decided to go there. In TV they said this horrible undead walkers were spreading all over the world and the EU-Battle-Groups were trying to create save areas at important havens, military camps and of course in the Alps. But they got more and more and for every human got killed one more undead rised...


my name is Ben, living in Austria, you know that small state in middle-Europe, country of Schnitzels, Mozarts and Mountains. Since two months I play this great mod and I'm delighted with it. It got more than everything I missed when playing Stalker(great game, I still hope for a DayZ-like Stalker 2) and so now I'm here to get the best out of the game. I found this server via DayZ Board and it seems like that what I was looking for, so I hope that my stay will last for a long time, cause I'm tired and need to rest at a campfire.

So what's left to say...

Application is accepted, here we go, let's try to have some fun within this world full of Zombies, greedy bandits and paranoide survivors.



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Hello Ben, Welcome to DayZRP ! Enjoy your stay :D

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What a nice welcome! Yeah, writing about my characters life in Cherno is one reason why I joined this community and I allready did have a look at some great stories in the RP-Thread. :)

Looking forward to read more of others experience ingame!

Just one question in the beginning:

in my profile it says that my playerID is wrong; is this just not updated yet or does it update after my first visit on the server ?

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