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Diary of Michael Weston

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My Name is Michael Weston, and i come to tell you the legacy of how i came to be stuck on this dreaded zombie infested land.

Born July 27 1986 as Michael J. Weston in Sarasota Florida to Tina Weston and to the monster i came to know as my father. From since when i can remember i always hated him, he was an alcoholic scum who in his anger beat me constantly until the day i was taken form my house by the government in my early teens, after spending 2 years in a foster home i decided i was going to serve. So i joined the USMC.

I enjoyed being in the corp. despite hiding my alcoholism from everyone i knew, some still knew. It was a day i had on leave, at a beach bar where in a drunken bar fight i killed one of my fellow colleagues, i was dishonorably discharged and stripped of my rank of staff sergeant after serving for 5 years.

I spent the next 6 Years in prison where I used the inmate education program to gain a bachelors degree in Biology. and was released in the 6th year for good conduct.

Not even 3 weeks later i was asked to be part of research team to go to the chernorussian peninsula known as chernarus to reveal what was causing the people of the island to turn to "zombies" once bitten.

It was Dr.Hawking, Dr.Kent and myself in a small Cessna Turboprop 2 miles off the coast when everything went wrong. A wave of turbulence sent us from the air into the water within a minute. I was the only survivor. I remember getting out of the plane, then waking up on the coast with what ruined gear was in the plane. Now i Struggle to survive with what military and medical knowledge i have to fight the elements and the land of infected trying to help and receive help from the friendly survivors i meet. To hopefully one day, find the cure to this madness.

Until next time Dr.Michael Weston

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