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My donation skin wont go on my character

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  • Emerald

Have you chosen a skin yet? If not, get one from here: http://www.dayzrp.com/exchange.php

Then, click the "inventory" button and click activate beside your skin when you're in the lobby. That should fix it! If it doesn't you may have a PID error.

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  • MVP

Have the DayZRP website open on the donation page open then start up the DayZRP mod, when you get to the lobby minimise the game and click onto 'activate' whichever skin you have chosen then go back into the game click on ok. When you enter the game you should have your new skin.

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You activate it when in the player lobby

Is it working?

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Guest John Le Bear

So many people saying the same thing over and over...It only needs one to answer, read the first couple posts, if it answers the OP's question dont post, or add additional info, dont just repeat whats been said.

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