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Surrender eaiser

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I was watching Dayz origins, videos and saw how you can scroll and press surrender. It will drop you weapon and ammo instantly. Possibly more stuff. Just figured with everyone trigger happy this could be less kos reports. Less reports such as he said drop the weapon and then shot instantly after.

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Well, as far as i remember there where some problems with the script...and isn't it the point of a RP-robbery that it is intense because you don't know if you are tricked or not?

I'm just guessing, i never robbed a person.

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I'd say no. Robberies would be too generic. I like the fact that the robber has to frisk you himself, it adds more RP and it doesn't make all the robberies the same.

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It'll be good in normal servers, but not here. The robber will never know if the guy that dropped his pistol is gonna drop his primary now or shoot him. By using a script, robberies are gonna suck, as the robber will know that if the weapons are not dropped almost instantly, the guy will not comply. Now, having to drop them manually, it takes some seconds to click, and the robber has to wait through these intense few seconds while waiting to see if the victim complied :P

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You do not need to put a script in for this, it is in your arma controls, go to options, then controls, then all controls, scroll down and its near the bottom, then attach it to your perfected key binding and bobs your uncle, it works in game before someone says it doesnts as its what I do when told to drop my weps.

He places his hands behind his head and doesn't move his hands until you want to

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