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Having troubles

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Hay there Dayz Friends,

So i updated the Dayzrp.com Launcher and it has come up with an error and I hope you guys/girls can help me out.

it say's the following

(File"dayzrp/mod.ccp,line3:'.r':'.'encountered instead of '=')

I haven't a clue what it means so I thought I would see if you can do anything to help me get on. I hope to get a fast response since I will be started a Dayzrp Let's play for the new character i'm coming in as.

your sincerely Hashtag ^^

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Guest John Le Bear

Simply go into your @DayZRP folder and delete the file "mod.ccp". Then open the DayZRP launcher and it will check your flies, notice one is missing and will automatically re-download it. This should fix your issue.

However, if it does not there is always doing a fresh install of the mod, so just delete the whole @DayZRP folder and let the launcher re-download it.

Saying that though, from personal experience I always encounter problems with the launcher, something always seems to go wrong, so if you make the decision to do a fresh download I advise using the manual files, I never encounter problems with them. If you need any assistance with installing them PM me or browse the forum, there is a guide for almost everything here.

Good luck! I hope you get it working!

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  • Emerald

I fixed that bug last update by Deleting the @DayZRP folder in the Arma 2 OA directory, then downloading + installing it again from http://www.dayzrp.com/t-dayzrp-mod-download

Pretty much always fixes problems like this!

The guide that I linked shows everything you have to do.

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No I didnt leave I had RL Relationship troubles that left me with no internet -.-

but now i;m back I mean I do miss the the fiber optic but should be getting a upgrade soon

OK just letting you guy's know that i am on and ready to have awesome ADVENTURES!!!! see you guys in there.

I also agree to highly recommend deleting the file and re installing the file again it is so simple yet so effective thanks eeryone

Problem Solved

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