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City Survival Guide (BETA)

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Please Note: This Mini-Guide is open to people who want to add-on to this guide.

Step one: Contemplate your Surroundings!

Nothing is more important than this. You NEVER walk into an area where you haven't scouted out. It is suicide to think "Oh, i will just go in an out real fast, the zombies won't kill me". These zombies are locked on the hardest difficulty, or so i've heard. You need to absolutely be aware of what city/town you are in. Looking at a map help a lot in this situation.

Step Two: Movement Patterns

Zombies run along a certain path most of the time. (When i mean most, i mean they sometimes change paths to not make it look obvious where they go.) You must improvise your movements according to the paths zombies make.

Example of improvised movements:

Step Three: Prone to Crouch status/ Eyes on Hearing/Sight status

Most of the time, you should be prone. It is a must when you are in major cities. Roads make ALOTof noise, even if your crawling. Crouch running is not advised, but is possible. Crouch is good for tight areas and good for escaping since going from prone to crouch can get you killed (Or sepsis).

Always keep your eyes on the Noise/Sight status on the right of your screen. If you think you are being stealthy enough, you should still check just in case of a mishap.

Final Step: Taking cover in buildings

Dangerous but can be effective. NEVER stay in a building for too long, zombies don't just walk outside all the time. Movement is key. Buildings also give zombies an opportunity to corner you and you will die (I am one of those victims of multiple cornering)

Feel free to add on to this Mini-Guide as you wish.

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It's always nice to see new members trying to help the community out. I wouldn't agree with the 'prone' section, I rarely use prone in DayZ but that might just be me, I usually shift + crouch. You've also missed the example of improvised movements - just thought I'd say. Nice thread though, may help some peopled who are new to the game.

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The crowbar is your friend.

Walking down the middle of the road isn't an issue, just have the ammo for it. ;)

Don't look at the noise/vision meter, they are less precise than the old metres. Much more effective to know what terrain your feet are on and what position you are in.

Strafing/walking backwards lowers your chance of being detected by a zed. Sticking to certain walls (usually shadows but the lighting is screwed up) lowers chance of being detected.

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