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Standalone Diary of Joshua Norton

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So, this Thread will follow the Diary i made up on ingame events, i hope you will like it.

Will be updated from time to time.


Diary of Joshua Norton, Day 42

We traveled north-west, more into the inland, after we got split up from Fider and Sid somewhere at the Altar Mountain.

They said that they wanted to make a short supply run into the nearby town of Gorka, but they never came back.

Willy and i packed our few belongings one day later after we heard shots fired in Gorka.

When we got out of the house and on the hillside facing the town, we saw a big horde running into it. No one could've survived there.

We tried to reach the "safezone" at svetlojarsk first, a survivor of the UN-Forces told me about it, but when we came there, the town was overrun by zombies and we found some bodies laying on the ground in the church, probably the old inhabitants.

Willy is having some trouble with his disability, one eye makes a huge difference nowadays.

We are around Kabanino now, going further north for more supplies.

Diary of Joshua Norton, Day 43

We rested at Kabanino and then got ourselfs to the town of Vybor.

After a stealthy approach, we found almost no meatsacks there, only a few wich we took out.

Even better is that this town doesn't seemed picked clean so we could stock up on supplies.

Willy even found himself a new leather jacket, "more durable" he said.

We thought about staying in the town as we were doing pretty good, so we set up our camp there and stayed.

Diary of Joshua Norton, Day 52

We had to move.

A big horde was coming in and i got the feeling that it was the one from Gorka, so the same one wich probably got our friends....they may have even been walking besides the other meatsacks.

Willy said that this is bullshit and it was just a total random encounter...he is probably right but i still have the feeling.

Moving up north to the airfield now, we lost a good amount of ammunition and medical supplies back in the police station of Vybor.

Diary of Joshua Norton, Day 53

We were doing so well...what happend?

I lost Willy today.

We got split up while searching the airfield.

At first, there were almost no Meatsacks there but after we where in the middle of the compound, right at the Control tower, they came upon us from all sides.

I was just finishing leaving a note with our general direction and plans for people to find, for Sid and Fider maybe even.

But then they came from all the corners, we were surrounded and had to fight our way out.

Willy did sent me forward, he wanted to stay right behind me.

When i ran out of the door, i felt something was wrong.

I turned around and maybe twenty or thirty of theses bastards where pushing to the entrance and i lost sight to Willy.

I stayed for two more hours at the compound but i didn't saw him.

I hope he is well, i'm alone again.

Set up my camp a bit more north at a lone building and hoped that Willy would see it on his map too, see how safe it is for a meeting point.

No sign of him this night, but a horde moved by the building into the north, maybe 500 meters away in the woods.

I could hear there moaning for fresh flesh.

In the morning i decided to go back to the airfield and search for traces of what happend to him.

Diary of Joshua Norton Day 54

I went to the airstrip yesterday but found no clue of what happend whatsoever.

I resigned and after i saw a bigger group of meatsacks to the south of the airstrip, i went back to the little compound and cooked myself some spaghetti on the little oil lamp i made.

Goddess, i hope he is still alive.

I will stay one more day, just so he gets the chance to meet up with me.

I also found myself a Colt at one of the sandbag towers at the refugee area of the airstrip.

I has only one clip but i got enough bullets for it and it is a nice addition to the silenced pistol i found, this little thing is quiet but with the small caliber you cant get into much trouble with it.

Diary of Joshua Norton Day 55

Willy is back! In the morning he stood infront of me when i was about to leave the house.

He looked a bit exhausted but he had no big injuries nor was he bitten.

Willy said after i went out of the Air Control Tower, the Meatsacks where rushing in so quick that he didn't get the chance to get through them and out, so he backed up to the top of the tower.

He killed quite a few on the stairs and there dead bodies block the way for the following zombies, wich bought him some time to find a way out.

He got out onto the balcony and then he saw and old, rusty ladder on the side, wich didn't look good at all.

But since there was no other way and the meatsacks slowy removing the dead bodies in their rage, he took the chance and startet to climb down.

Half way down, two of the rusty ladder rungs broke loose, he falled down into the roof of a smaller building under him and lost consciousness.

He woke up a few hours later, it was already pitch black.

When he tried to stand up, a pain struck him in his back and the left shoulder, letting him scream out for a small moment.

After he realised what he just did, he prepared to be rushed by the meatsacks, pulled out his magnum and listened into the dark.

But after a few moments he noticed....nothing.

The horde was gone and he was lucky in the end.

He patched himself up a bit and rested for the rest of the night.

Right with the first sunbeams, he got up and quickly made his way out of the small building and the airfield itself, towards the compound as he thought i may would be there.

After we realised we had not enough medical supplies and that willy's magnum was pretty battered after his fall, we decided to look up the airfield once more, being pretty cautious this time.

We made a quick run of the outer parts of it, found willy another colt and some more ammunition.

Right when we got out of the compound, a sneaky zombie was attacking us from behind one of the tries, cought us off guard.

He pulled me down and i could barely keep him away from ripping my throat.

Willy cutted off his head with his fire axe and i pushed the body aside.

When we looked up closer at the loose head, we noticed the bright blue helmet he weared, "UN" was printed on the sides and the front.

"Nice peacekeeper...asshole." i thought and grabbed the helment.

You never know for what its good.

We took shelter a bit south of Vybor, under an old stone bridge and rested there for the night.

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