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Mulitple Character

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  • Sapphire

Yeah you can, it's fine. Just try not to use information learnt on one character on the other character.

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  • Sapphire

You can have as many different characters as you like

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  • MVP

You can make as many characters per forum account as you wish. The way I do it is have seperate player profiles in ARMA so I can switch between them without much effort

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  • Emerald

If you want to have several characters it's some things to remember, first of KOS rights don't share between characters, this mean that if you get robbed at characther X and then log into character Y, can't you use the KOS rights you got from characther X, same goes for IC information.

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Yep, as everyone else said, having multiple characters is fine. However, don't use information gained about other people, clans and other roleplaying scenarios on that character.

For example, Clan A robs you whilst you are playing as Character B.

You then switch to Character A, find a member of Clan A, rob him and execute him for robbing you before.

This would be against the rules.

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You can have as many as you like. Just as people have said, KoS rights don't pass on. Also, you can only be apart of one clan with multiple characters. But you cannot have 2 characters in 2 different clans.

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You can change your name to whatever you like as long as it's a proper name. You just need to change who you're RPing as ofc. You shouldn't over-use this though. You can also get bored yourself if you change character too much, as it's more fun to see how you progress as one character.

Just think of it like you're a COMPLETELY different person.

Have fun!

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