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Humanity Lost: Chapter 2

Should Stephen Run? or get Revenge?  

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Don't know whats going on? Read Chapter 1:


Chapter 2: The departure (a few hours after chapter 1)

I woke up a couple hours before daylight, on the hill east of Krasnostav. Dante was nowhere to be seen. He must have left and on his way to meet his own destiny, I couldn’t blame him. I looked over at the airfield and saw movement so I grabbed my binoculars to see what was going on. There seems to be soldiers down there, breaching areas that they may have thought to be occupied. It seemed Kinda weird that they tried to “find” someone. Maybe they were trying to find us when there was 8 of us? I suddenly got chills going down the back of my spine. I heard footsteps behind me, I slowly put the binoculars down.

“You dere, stand up!” The voice sounded Somalian, so I slowly got up.

“You spyin’ on our movements yeah? Why don’t you come wid me and we will come to a undastandin.” The man then butted his rifle on the back of my head and I fell down. “Get up! You filthy parasite!”

I got up and then he hogtied my hands together. “You dink you can dodge the fact that you wanted man? Ha! Boss give me big bonus for you my friend.” I didn’t know what he was talking about. Our short lived group were just survivors, not mercenaries what so ever. I didn’t have the guts to tell him that we weren’t enemies, but I knew he would ruthlessly tell me I was a liar. I heard another voice, a voice that was familiar to me.

“Dodge this.” Dante shot the Somalian, point blank in the head in a heartbeat. “Get up! We must go at once! They would have heard the shot from the airfield” He quickly untied me and we began to run towards the coast. We stopped at the tree line next to the coast.

“I thought you left on your own, why come back?” I said.

“I don’t like leaving people that I know are useful and have a purpose in this wasteland. You have the most accurate shot with a hunting rifle I have ever seen. I know Private Military Company snipers who would kill for your accuracy. I can hook you up with a guy who can give you a position as a lead sniper.”

He began collecting wood from fallen trees when I said, “No thanks, I don’t follow orders. I am my own boss, not a mercenary.” I glanced at him then started making traps. He just shrugged at me, going on his business. I set up the traps the way my father taught me. I would setup a perimeter about 100ft long of sharp sticks attached to bent branches for a slingshot-type of motion, incapacitating their movement. Back home, we used this against bears and mountain lions alike. It is a very efficient trap to slow down someone or something you do not want near you.

“Say, you never told me where you were from?” I stopped and asked. He looked down like he didn’t want me to know. “I am from Norway, I was a hunter just like you. My family was poor, didn’t know what went on in the world today. I came here for work, to get money for my family, so we didn’t have to suffer much more poverty.” He then got up and walked towards the beach, “ I wonder what my family is doing now,…I don’t even know If they are still alive.”

“We will never know until we actually go there ourselves, Dante.” I got up and stood next to him. “What do you mean? Do you have a plan?” He looked at me in disbelieve. Wondering if I was crazy or something. “That I do, man. First, we need a ride. A helicopter would do fine, but a plane? Even better. I have seen helicopters go by constantly and have only ever seen a few planes. If we can get one of those planes which drops supplies to land on the Airfield way west of here, we can hitch a ride.”

“How? There is not way that someone is going to be that stupid to land on the airfield. Or yet let us get out of here. You must be out of your fucking mind.” Dante then started up warming the cans of beans for us to eat. We never wanted anything more than to go home, where we belong. I wanted to make sure Dante got home. He was a good guy, and we became good friends in such a small time frame. But I guess that is what happens in these scenarios, you either make friends, or enemies. I wanted him to go home first, he had an actual family to go home to. I only have my dog, but she can hunt and survive. My dog can catch anything, she is the master of surprise and she can hide. So I knew she could survive a really long time. “Hey Steve, you ever wonder how bad it is outside of Chernarus?”

“Never crossed my mind.” I lied, I knew it was bad. I know that the infection spread, in the past I met people who came from outside of here and told me it was just as bad. I never wanted to tell him though, because then I knew he would lose faith and he would want to stay here. So I never told him it was bad.

For the next few days, all we did was hunt, eat, and sleep. We also started talking about our lives and what we were going to do after all this. Dante told me he always wanted to become a microbiologist and I told him I wanted to become an astronomer. We both joke about each other’s dream careers, and how we both would become the only ones left around here. Near the end of the 2nd day we were together, we went out hunting to find loads of deer in the nearby field.

I stood there, taking deep breaths before finally taking my first shot, hitting one deer in the head, taking it down. “Awesome, finally some real meat for us to feast on.” I said with great excitement. Dante was just standing there, looking behind us. “What is it Dante? What do you see?” Dante turns to me with a frightened look on his face. I looked down to see that Dante was shot directly in the stomach.

“DANTE!” He collapsed on the floor and I rushed towards him. I quickly put pressure on the wound, then ripped my shirt to make rags and cover the wound, tying it tight. “Come on man, don’t you die on me. You’re going to be alright! Come on.” I put him up against a fallen tree, pouring alcohol on his wounds to stop infections.

“S-Stephen, I am going to be alright. D-don’t leave me behind okay?” He faintly said. I quickly run back to our tents to fetch some painkillers we found in Krasnostav earlier when we went back when we heard about the CTC setting up an outpost for survivors. I was on my way back when 2 men were at his side, questioning him about the ambush we witnessed a few days back. They sounded Somalian, so I assumed they were part of the Somalian Death Squad. I quickly got myself into a flanking position to hear the conversation.

“So my friend, what you are telling me is, that your group was just a bunch of survivors?” The Somalian looked very filthy, like a dog who just got out of a mud pit.

“Yes, e-exactly. We were observing the fight, nothing else.” Dante had the most deathly look on his face, already looking dead. “heh, I doubt it very much, huntsman. You were with the brotherhood along with your friend.” The Somalian began to look around.

“No, I swear on my mother’s grave.” Dante now tearing up, the Somalian took his pistol. “One who listens or witnesses an act of war, must be put down to ensure the safety to its people.” The Somalian shoots Dante in the skull, killing him. I now must choose a path to take, Run or revenge, life or death. I felt like I just lost a brother, even though i have only known him for a few days, he was a good friend to me. He was the closest thing I had to family. The Somalian left the site and I walked towards the now dead friend I used to have. “I am so sorry Dante, I promised you I would get you home. But I failed, I failed you. Goodbye, my friend.”

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