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Guest Henry Carson

For navigation. Landmarks. Landmarks. Landmarks. Pick a mountain, hill, or anything that is visible on the map. For knowing where stuff is on the map, either use editor and take routes that you would usually take or do so on the server, knowledge sometimes comes from experience.

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  • Legend

Well learning key points of the map and locations help you learn the basics. To tell the truth... All you really need is a compass.

But for training i used to go on a empty server with a car and a map... Learning the roads and locations.. I managed to learn via memory routs but never names. After a while you really do not need any of the above snd it comes naturally.

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  • Emerald

Just play and try to remeber names etc. And over time you will know the map. If you wanna learn it abit after you could always play normal arma 2 armory or something and just drive around the map. Then you will recognize towns and other landmarks faster.

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Guest John Le Bear

If you want to really learn the map then its not something that will happen quickly, there are no tricks or skills to learn it. Its just something that will happen over time from playing.

I have been playing the game for years and I still don't know the whole map too well. Im always coming across something new when playing.

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  • MVP

View distance set to Overkill ! If your PC can handle it, it will be a lot easier for you to tell where you are.

I'm putting mine on overkill more often now to get better map awareness.

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If you dont have a map or compass there are several ways to solve your bearings.

Clouds for example always travel from West to East in ArmA II.

Besides that the environment is set to to be as realistic as it can.

Therefore you can use the watch and the sun to navigate, you can even use the stars to navigate.

I found a nice guide for you that explanes it all.


Good luck.

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I just go with the towns. you find town, check out it from the map find a way to your goal. simple. and i have found myself everywhere i want with this and its pretty simple.

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  • Game Master

Like many people said. It takes time to learn it (i don't even know it completely.)

You need to know that: clouds head east, landmarks are important and make yourself familiar with the town signs!

Is everything answered, Tweek?

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  • Legend

Gonna beat Bryan to it and mark this as solved but leave it open for discussion

Sorry Mr White

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