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creepiest spawn ever

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Guest Astycc

Not sure where it is, maybe find out yourself IG, then you can RP waking up there and maybe act out as a zombie/person that survived the bite etc.

This spawn can create a lot of cool scenarios revolving around it.

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  • Emerald

I believe you are near Green Mountain, between Green Mountain and Pogolevko, or however you spell it.

I hate that spawn, its scary! Could bring some good RP at times though.

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  • Sapphire

I spawned there today, I cried.

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  • Emerald

Never had this spawn and I never want to spawn there.

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I spawned there yesterday and I was like "Okay a pile of bodies, I can deal with this" and I ran away from the area, only to look behind my shoulder to see the couple of bodies hung from trees and I was like "OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK NO FUCKING BANDIT PIECE OF SHIT DICKS" over my mic in game.

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