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Hello, Just joined today and i cant wait for the whitelist apps to open so i can join the dayzrp server and roleplay in dayz style :3, seen alot of video's about this, most from PsiSyndicate and one from Frankieonpc1080p, it'l be a change of pace from the current arma 2 rp community i rp in and i hope to see how this kind of rp goes :3

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  • Emerald

Hi Firemixer! Welcome to the community!

If you happen to have any questions regarding DayZRP, or DayZ, feel free to send me a PM. Also if you donate, the whitelist opens up for you, which means you may send in your application. Be aware this does not mean you will be accepted.

Good luck and enjoy.

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  • Sapphire

Welcome! It's always good to see new people. I hope we role play soon. Good luck.

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  • Legend

Get out guys while you can.... This takes over your lives man!!!

Nah really... If ya need something lads. Just PM me and Il help I know this community well enough.

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