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Humanity Lost: Chapter 1

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Name: Stephen Kish

Date of Birth: April 11 1993

Height: 6'1

Weight: 217 lbs

Pre-Outbreak Profession: Hunter, Competition Shooter

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Blue

Demeanor in Three Words: Persistent, shy, aggressive

Chapter 1: Surrounded

For the first time in my life, I had no confidence, no value for my life. I was all alone, no else around me at all. As I walk along the airfield, I begin to think about my home. How I wanted to return to my companion, my best friend. The one who I called my daughter, my dog Athena. My dog was my warrior, her intimidation scared most. Hell, it would scare a cougar sometimes. I don’t think I would be able to kill a dog if they can become infected. I walked the whole airfield, stuttering in my thoughts about what is to come in the future. I head towards the control tower when I hear multiple footsteps coming from behind. This time, i did not hesitate to sprint and reached the ATC tower almost out of breath. I hear the ungodly creatures throwing themselves at the door and the only thing that was in my reach was a Fire axe on the wall since my hunting rifle mags were depleted. Preparing myself for the worst, I quickly reflected upon my father and how much I missed him. As the door weakens, my grip grows tighter. So this is how it ends, that door breaks, I begin a last stand, this is for you, dad. I climb the stairs to gain an advantage point, then I hear the door crack open like when someone tears open a box. They all rush in, I began swinging the axe, trying to slow them down. I made a moderately sized pile of bodies so the infected couldn’t climb the steep stairs. Then a gunshot goes off, then multiple shots are fired. They all felt like an unexpected firework gone off unplanned. The shots continue and the infected are diverted towards the gunfire. My mind goes vertigo for 5 seconds before I quickly regain situational awareness and cautiously go down stairs.

“You there! In the tower! What’s your name?” The man’s voice echoed through the hall.

“My name is Stephen Kish.” I moved towards the door, looking at the man who saved my life. He had a certain heroic style to his voice, very strong.

“Come you look like you need something to drink.” I followed the man into the barracks for a rest.

“What is your name?” he stopped for a second and kind of hesitated to answer.

“The Names Frank” He said with a smile on his face. We came to the barracks and set barricades up against the door. “So, what’s your story my friend?” I immediately go pale in the face, but I manage to speak. “I came here on a hunting trip alone, my father was going to accompany me. But he died before we had a chance to go. I finally had the money to come here, it is what he wanted me to do most, is explore new ground and I did so.” I began to tear up a little, but manage to hold them back from a complete breakdown.

“I know that feeling, I lost my mother during a huge riot. But I do not want to go into detail.” He also seemed a little broken down from his own thoughts. We began reminiscing our lives before the infection. Turns out this guy was a well thought after craftsman where he lived, but never went into detail.

That night we began taking in more survivors that made our count to about 8. I do not remember most their names, but I remember 4 of them, Dante, Matt, Pablo, and Johnathan. We all sat around a fire all night with steak and pork. For the first time in my life, I had friends. The only friends I had were my dog, and my parents, so it felt real good.

The next morning we woke up to a horde against the barracks walls, with 2 by my bunk.

“FRANK! WAKE UP! EVERYBODY WAKE UP!” I frantically shouted across the bunks.

In an instance everyone began opening fire upon the infected. We cleared the first wave that came in. Then they broke down the barricade we made, getting themselves stuck in the door. I quickly unloaded on the zombies at the door. I look left and see Pablo getting pulled out of the barracks by the zombies in a split second. I attempt to rush at him, but he was doomed the minute I got there, I began to panic. I see another guy name Johnathan getting trampled by all of them while they tear his body open, I make a quick decision that might end the fight quickly but a very dangerous move.

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” everyone ducks for cover, I pull the pin on the frag and hold it just long enough to make an aerial explosion at the horde. A shockwave that kicked my ass back to the mountains. Faintly hearing shouting, blurred vision, and a blackened sense of smell.

I regained consciousness after about 10 minutes after the fight. “Good to see you’re still functional, man. Get up, we’ve got some rabbit legs.” Frank helped me up and towards the fire, “I got to tell you, that was a gutsy but effective idea. But never EVER do that again, another small scale horde happened after that, we lost 2 more after that frag.” He angrily glanced at me. But I knew it was the right thing to do. We all could have died if I never did that.

After lunch, we began to hear loads of gunfire to the northeast. We scattered at the ATC tower, trying to observe what’s going on up there. “Hey, I just got radioed by one of my clan mates, they said that the outlaws have ambushed the brotherhood of steel at their NE camp up there.” This I have no idea what clan he was guy was in, but I didn’t want to know. For all we know, he could be hostile. But I never questioned him.

I look over at Dante and he brings up his binoculars, “what do you see, Dante” He didn’t look at all frightened much, “Nothing yet- wait, scratch that. A guy wearing a balaclava just ran out of the bushes bleeding. He seems to not value his life as he is standing out in the open, he looks wounded. Pfft, idiot.”

It seemed like an eternity of gunfire at that place. I never witnessed this long of a firefight in my entire life before. It wasn’t until about 20 minutes until a helicopter was hovering at the airfield. “Whoa, chopper at the other end of the air strip!” We all stopped and observed, one guy got out. “This is bad. We need to get off this airfield. Eventually The Outlaws or The Brotherhood of Steel will come and check this place for weapons.”

“wait-do you hear that?” Frank begins to reload a clip into his M4. We all sit there in silence as an uproar of infected gets louder by the second. “What the fuck is that” I whisper. “It’s a horde, by the amount of noise it is making, I’d say it is about 100 strong infected ready to pounce.” Frank looks around the corner to see and quickly looks at all of us whispering, “quick! Put the fire out! They are right outside!” I put the fire out and we all sat there, silent. Dante begins to silently walk away from the door, when all the sudden he trips over a bag and the cans go everywhere. At that moment I could hear everyone’s heartbeat, then everything seemed like it was slow motion. The horde then crashed through the door. “The back entrance, everybody move!” all of us rush out of the tower.

“We need to reach Krasnostav! Run!” Frank suddenly got shot possibly by a sniper in the hills in the leg. “Nyaagh! Keep going! I’ll hold them off as much as I can!” Frank pulled out his sidearm firing off rounds quicker than anyone I have seen. He really showed courage in that moment. I’ll never forget that man, the man who saved me. We reached the market only to hear the final shots fired by Frank.

“Search everything, we will need anything that is useful in this store. Be sure to check the back rooms for any untouched cans and water” I stuttered my words, still in shock of what has happened tonight. Everyone searched and searched but found minimal amounts of food. “This is going to have to do. We can find other markets around this country.” I regained my courage to move on, leading the pack to safety. We reached a small, open field where we set up camp to settle for the night. A few if the survivors decided to parts ways with us to find their friends they needed to find south of us. I was fine with that, I gave them a share of what we found to help them find their loved ones. “You know, sometimes I wonder how I got here, but then I remember I was shot down by Russian flak because I ‘Invaded’ their airspace when I was heading towards a designated bombing zone” The man named Nikolai said.

“ You were in the CDF Air defense? Where did you crash land?” Dante Asked.

“Somewhere near Petrovka, not infected as much as the rest of the country.” Looking quite dissatisfied, he got up. “Listen, I am heading back to Krasnostav, I am sure that there is more than just the market to gain supplies. If I do not come back, do NOT look for me.” He picked up his gear and began walking towards Krasnostav. “Stay safe” I nervously said, “I will try my best, friend.” We saw him go over the horizon, walking tall and cocky. Dante and I just look at eachother, “What do you say, Stephen? Guy like that survive any longer than now?”

“Perhaps, but he’s challenging himself by going back..” Dante begins unpacking food and started to cook, when we both heard gunfire over the hill that Nikolai went over. Then more gunfire erupted into what it seemed like a war. We ignored the fact that Nikolai might as well be dead. We started talking about possibilities we have left to survive in this barren wasteland, when we saw a person running along the horizon. From what Dante heard on his radio, the outlaws were headed towards Krasnostav to create checkpoint for civilians trying to cross the border. We put out the fire and took positions in the tree line to observe what he was doing. When we got positioned, we lost sight of him.

“Where did he go? We just saw him.” As I was looking in the opposite tree line, I heard the wiz of the bullet so close to my head, I lost hearing in my right ear. I was so scared, the only thing I could do was run, with Dante hot on my tail. We ran until we reached the hill above the airfield we left.

“Now that, was the scariest fucking moment in my entire life.” We sat down, not talking because of the long run we just did. We began to make yet another fire, hoping to escape the fact that we’ve lost 6 people in a matter of two hours.

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