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Hey! I'm Katz

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Hi, I'm Katz and I'm new to this forums. I have done quite a bit of role play outside of this server and cannot wait until the white list applications are back up. I've read through the rules and I've got a decent understanding about how everything works but I was wondering if y'all had some tips or little things you'd like to share. As far as action role play such as someone giving out a descriptive execution to someone the have IC hate against. Would they simply put a ** around there text and have the other person react? I was also wondering around when would the white listing be back up as an option for non-donors, hopefully soon. I'm not sure how I'm going to go about this yet, perhaps a blood crazed bandit holding people up and ruining lives or a peaceful photographer who has himself caught up in one great big mess. Most of my other dayZ gameplay is played as a psychotic murderer, but I've come to accept that won't be allowed here. Not because I kill on sight, when I play as a lunatic I generally give out a fair amount of yelling and scariness before attacking. I'll probably stick with the photographer.

Anyway, I'm excited about this community and I can't wait to see you in Chernarus

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Welcome to the circus

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Hello and welcome to the community. Not sure when the whitelist will re-open for non-donors but have patience as its worth the wait. Regarding who you are unsure to play as, you could always play as both. Lots of the community members have several 'personas' on here. There is nothing wrong with being a bandit but you have to play it right, there are also a few bandit clans in the community which roleplay really well.

Pass the time waiting for the whitelist to re-open by getting involved on the forum. There is some very good roleplay reading in the roleplay threads to wet your appetite.

Best of luck with your application when the whitelist re-opens.

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Welcome :)

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