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Server 1/Server 2 Priority ?

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Hi guys. Quick question. Does one server take priority over the other for RP purposes? Let me explain my question...

I spent all day collecting gear, found a couple tents, and managed to repair a vehicle. Now, the place I picked to set this stuff up and store the vehicle, corresponds to where someone else decided to store their stuff on the other server. I usually try to play only on one server due to how the game saves world items vs. character gear, but because of servers being full, etc. I tend to hop back and forth a little bit in order to be able to play. Any advice here?

Is the lesson to be taken from this only to set stuff up on one server and not the other? Wait until a slot becomes available? And what does this mean for RP? Surely two different people who don't know each other can't have a base in the same place.

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Well if you find out that someone else has camped in the same general area as you, you have two options. One being that you stay on one server, and make it your "Main" Server. Main being classified as it being the central hub of where you store cars, tents, and overall spend most of your time on.

Or you could also just switch where you want to camp, find a place where is uninhabited. What Arcus said is also true for the RP sense, it would be awfully weird and bad to hop back and forth, could cause some unneeded problems.

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It is NOT recommended to stash gear on one server and then jump on to a different one. Typically S1 is the most populated and S2 is used when S1 is near full. There are plenty of places on the map to create stashes without having to jump back and forth. I usually recommend playing on the most populated server in order to get the most out of your RP experience.

There is nothing wrong with having stashes on both servers in case one server is full you can hop on the other.


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