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New Character story

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So my new Character Kent Jones brother to late Buck Jones has been kidnapped by eight men and taken from the states to Chernarus and asked to research the infection and the people living there he know's his brother is there but he dosnt know hes dead so hes been looking for him to get his help. ((So is there a possibility that the council can be the eight men? that Kidnapped him?))

Name: Dr.Kent Jones

Age: 39

Country of origin: United States,Texas

Profession: Neurologists,Immunologist,Cardiologist

Kin: Father John Jones, Mother none ,Brothers late James Jones, late Buck Jones.

past jobs: auto mechanic,farmer

Skills: English,History,Science,Medical Science,mechanic, low-caliber guns,Hunting,Surgery,and medicine.

Medical problems: Asthma,far sighted, bullet wound to chest.

Dislikes: Racism,Math,bandits,killing,causing harm to others.

Personality: Trustworthy,Stubborn,Slightly Scatter brained at times, Joyful,Smart.

Past: Father John Jones was a man who adopted three brothers James,Kent,and Buck. James never liked Kent much because Kent was always beating up Buck. When James died at the age of 16 Buck was Heart broken because the only one who ever cared about him just died Kent on the other hand was happy about now that he could beat up Buck without a care in the world. At the age of 18 Kent and Buck where working with cows in the field when a cow bot spooked and started a stamped Kent high tailed it and jumped the fence to leave Buck for dead. Buck later that day after being assumed dead got his old 1911 and found Kent and shot him in the chest. Kent later after recovering was inspired to become a doctor.

Ive played as Kent for about a day now and ive enjoyed the sort of fresh start feeling hope to see yall out there.

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