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Random death (Suicide?)

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Hey, so I'm new to DayZRP, and first off I'm loving it! :)

But today however, I was at the NW airfield, and gotten myself a lovely new 22 slot bag and scoped ak-107, and preparing to leave, I shot a zed in the head only to then get killed myself less than a second after seeing the bullet hit. What happened here, is this just a random bug or did somehow I shoot myself?

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  • Emerald

Thats quite weird actually, you may have been shot, killed due to a glitch, or some other

Form of death.

If you were shot, then there may be a report behind it. Were you bleeding from anywhere when you watched your body fall? You may have had low blood and the zombie desynched and killed you before dying itself. If you were near any buildings you may have been pushed into them by a zombie and died. Multiple possibilities.

The only real way to tell is by looking at the logs, which is only done for Formal Reports.

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No, I was at about half blood, and I didn't seem to be bleeding when I fell. There were also no zombies near me, the only one following me and my friend was the one who knocked my friend to the ground who I then shot to save him.

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Look when he posted it prof mate :P.

It could be a person that shot you - therefore I would ask for logs to be checked at that specific time. They can see if anyone killed you. If you killed yourself.. Well I've never heard that one before!

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I think it was a ricochet. The only way we would know is if you create a formal report and see the logs.

Could be this but im thinking that it was the tree. As weird as it sounds many have been attacked by trees and rocks in the game its just Arma for you.

Depends how you want to take this wipe has happened so you would have lost that stuff anyway :P

Just one thing did the zed hit you at any point? I've had over half blood taken in one hit before just wondering if it was zombie desync

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