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The Faraz Brothers

Guest Pandi

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Guest Pandi

| Panda's story / Atash Faraz |



My name is Atash Faraz, I was born in Rasman, Takistan. I'm currently 27 years old, my childhood was nothing special, my father and mother passed away whilst I was a baby, they didn't get to see me grow up in to the man I am today. All for one reason, the Takistan government. The Takistan government were evil in my eyes, they would wipe out any to protest against their decisions. That's all I really know about them, after they had passed away, I had been handed over to my fathers best friend. They only told me the things that I needed to know. Few years on and I wanted revenge, I felt that justice needed to be served so I joined a group named by 'al-Takizh', they were the first big group to fight against the government of this torn up land. Hassan Sheikh Akbar is the name of the almighty leader of al-Takizh, he was strong and powerful, no one would mess with him, his name was known within Takistan. After being with al-Takizh for a few years, our leader had lined us up one day and informed us that today was the day, we would fight for our freedom, that we had deserved for a long time. Little did they know, I was also fighting to avenge my father and mother along with freedom. After our leader lined us up and told us the news, we loaded up all the guns in to the vehicles, we had then set off to fight the government.


The helicopter I was in landed on a small opening next to some houses. As soon as I stepped foot off that helicopter, rockets were being fired off in to the military tanks of the government and we were undertaking heavy fire, we were brutally getting taken out slowly, our matches didn't stand a chance after they had called in backup, we were not prepared. I got back in the helicopter and so did three others, we had lost two men from this helicopter crew. We went on a nearby hill to see if the leader was okay, he had jumped in a separate helicopter and he had informed that everyone should retreat.

My ears were ringing and I had been shot in the right shoulder, god it hurt. The medic couldn't really do much as we were all trying to get the hell out of Takistan, we had been travelling extremely fast, at some points it felt like we were nose diving in the helicopter, but in fact we were gaining speed and keeping low, we had government military helicopter on our back, they quickly lost us as we flew off in to the distance. I was feeling very dizzy from the gunshot and blood, I felt light headed and slowly passed out.

I woke up as we were flying over a airfield and the medic was inspecting the gun shot wound. I had looked outside and this didn't look anything like Takistan, we must be somewhere completely different. The pilot was informing us that we were landing, we all prepared to jump straight out as soon as we landed. Every where looked empty, I could see no sign of civilization here, this was strange.

We had landed and we spotted around 30+ people all standing around eachother, as the all came running to the helicopter we thought they were lost or needed help, but no. As they got closer and closer, they were growling and sprinting at us like they wanted to chew my face off, we had told them to stop and one just jumped for me, my brother had shot it off me as they all came swarming in we noticed they had a strange eye colour and very pale skin.

We were all thinking to ourselves, where are we? What is this? Why are they trying to eat us?

I searched a dead body of the man that tried to jump on me and bit me was wearing dog tags which said 'Welcome to Chernarus'.

| Matt's story / Jalaal Faraz |

My name is Jalaal Faraz and I am 30 years old. I had a rough child hood. My parents died when I was only 3 years old and left me with my younger brother, Atash. Our parents tried to protest against the corrupt Takistani Government, they were gunned down by their machine guns. After that we were handed over to our fathers dear friend and he raised us like his own. He told us about what happened to our parents as we got older and then told us about the Takistani Government and what they do to people. When I was 18 and Atash was 15 we joined a small rebellion group called the al- Takizh, led by Hassan Sheikh Akbar. He was very well known around Takistan and he was the toughest leader of all. We would go around town and cause trouble for the Taksitani Governemmt, destroying government vehicles and the like.

Then we started to get bigger, at age 25, Atash and I took part in our first real fight, the attack on Rasman. We had all the gear, ak74s, tanks, choppers, and rocket launchers. Hassan lined us up and gave us a great motivational speech, we were sure we would win. Atash and I boarded our chopper and off we went into the battlefield. Our chopper landed next to a bunch of houses with substantial cover. When we disembarked we took heavy fire from the Takistani Government. We made a run for the houses and the adrenaline got me to them. I asked if Atash was okay and didn't hear a response. I turned around and saw him on the ground in the open with a bullet wound in his shoulder. I screamed for covering fire and then realized our squad had been killed. I picked Atash up and brought him back to the chopper. The pilot took us back to our leader and he told us to fly east and get the hell out of there. Atash was losing a lot of blood and passed out on the trip out. The doctor said he would take care of it, he said it didn't hit anything important. I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up as the chopper was landed. Atash was out of the chopper standing with the rest of the doctors and survivors from other choppers. As I got out of the chopper I noticed a large group people coming toward us. At fist they were walking, no, lurking toward us. Then they started to run at us, a full sprint. They were foaming from the mouth and were screaching at us. The rest of us got into position and raised our weapons. They just kept running, faster and faster, then one jumped on top of Atash. It was lashing at his throat with is mouth, he was trying to bite him. I couldn't believe my eyes. I sprung into action and fired my weapon 4 times into this thing. Atash pushed the limp body off of him and noticed some dog tags on it. He read them aloud "Welcome to Chernarus" he said. Hassan got out of his chopper and said in a firm voice. " Get ready boys!" " We have a lot of work to do"



I am still learning to write decent stories, so I apologise if my story is a little bad, I am trying to improve on this so I'd like feedback on the story, anything said I will take as constructive criticsm. Thank you.

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Great job Pandi :D

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