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Questions about the Map

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What do you mean?

Every 'city' is on the map, you're probably thinking of small towns, however they're also on the map too, so I don't quite understand what you mean.

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No, this is on Arma 2, whenever it says a name of a city when i approach it, i can't find the city on the map you pick up.

Do you mean the roadsigns?

They're all in the native language whereas the map is in English:D

They are usually quite similar though.

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  • Emerald

Probably infected or have sepsis.

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  • Emerald

probably means you became infected from the bloodbad (small chance of this happening after a transfusion). Just take antibiotics and you'll be fine

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and also when i logged on, apparently im starting to loose blood after a transfusion, what do i do about that also?

You lose blood if you are:

1) Bleeding

2) Infected

3) Low on food or drink, if they are flashing then you are losing blood from them.

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Ok, next mission find antibiotics!

Look out for the hospitals in Cherno, Berezino and Elektro.

There is also the medical tents in Stary Sobor, or you could try asking for some at Prud!

Do you have any more questions, or is this solved?

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Yea i died. But i died in a blaze of glory! ( I just went inside a supermarket, threw all my flares and killed as many of those zombies as i could.)

Haha, better luck next time buddy.

*HINT* Stay quiet in towns, don't fire your weapon unless you have to, you attract waaaaaaaay too many infected.

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