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The Daily journal of Dominic X

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Before the Outbreak

There was not many of us after the 141st got terminated. We lived our lives out as anything the world would let us. It was hard for a Veteran to get a good paying job in America. We've worked in places like Macy's, Gander Mountain and even McDonalds. Once the unemployment checks stopped the last of us decided it was time to leave this country and go somewhere new, for there was no need for us in America anymore.

The Long Journey

The journey was rough, because we had no money we had to hitch hike our way out of the country. We went from car to car, train to train, boat to boat. Finally aboard a cargo ship we made our way to Ukraine. Awakening from a nights sleep one of our friends Dominic, the group leader, said "Awake men this is the place."3ECvzIJ.jpg

Our New Life

After living in our new country for quite a while we learned the language, met new friends and acquired new weapons. "We still went off our American ways, it was just different" said Dominic. "We threw away our M4s and picked up AKs. We help were we can but we need war. We are Veterans, we feed off of the blood of our enemies" He said. We would later realize we did not get what we actually wished for.

The Outbreak

The outbreak came came like a flash of lightning during a thunderstorm. One week we were living our lives out like normal people, the next life became day to day, survival of the fittest. We had to grab our weapons and gear up. We stuck together as a group eliminating those who came between us. We tried the best we could to stay together but in the end people died. Our group almost vanished only one remained. Dominic the one that wished war upon the lands survived. He was alone and needed help.


Dominic is rounding survivors to restart the group. He is no longer calling it the 141st, now they go by the Night Stalkers. Dominic is looking for people to join him, people like you. 2UQ0XHv.jpg

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