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a little help


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i discovered this server today i installed it and when im trying to join it kicks me off for not being whitelisted .. does any1 knows when the problem with whitelising will be done ?? im eager to play :))

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  • Emerald

The Whitelist is currently open to Donors but closed to Non-Donors. The reason for this is the huge inflow of applications.

You can either donate, or wait! Be aware that donating does not guarantee you will be accepted.

Next time you have a question please post in the Questions Section of the forums.

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  • Emerald

There is no problem. Because of the high traffic, the whitelisting is closed. You can donate to skip past waiting, or you can be patient until it opens. When it opens you have to fill out an application to get whitelisted

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Bare in mind that just because the white list is open to donors, it does not mean that you will automatically be white listed as we do not let anyone in just because they are a donor. You will still need a solid application just as if you were a non-donor.

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  • MVP

Like everyone said above the whitelist is closed to non-donors for now. We are unsure when it will be opened up to regular users so all we can say is Soon.

Patience is a virtue in DayZRP :)

Marking as solved.

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