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Peace is when it Rains.


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WOW Rynder this is, this is 10/10 please more in the future from you!

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So cool Rynder. A very enjoyable read. Hope more is coming.

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Also regarding the spelling, I can help you out :)

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About time you join in rynder! Now all TWS needs to make RP stories.. Soon

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I moved out of the hatch as the first one and moved on the right side of the back where i took a knee and checking our 12th-3rd covering the others as they dispatched.

Poel did the same as me at the left back checking the 12th-9th as Pranger tapped my shoulder and took over my 3rd as prins came next to him taking his 4th o'clock when i waited and watched my sector as i got a tap on my shoulder with Pranger saying.

Last man!

Alpha to command ready over.

I checked my right as i saw a vew hundred meters charlie dispatching in the same drill as i moved my hand to my radio on my chest and sed.

Bravo to command ready Over.

Charlie to command ready Over.

Command to all units, preform Townsweep! Alpha North flank, Bravo Direct west, Charlie south flank! Fatman 1 Overwatch north hill Fatman 2 move with Charlie! Fatman 3 Overwatch south copy?.

Alpha here Wilco.

Bravo here Wilco.

Charlie here Wilco.

Fatman 1 here Wilco.

Fatman 2 here Wilco.

Fatman 3 here Wilco.

The CV90 drives away afront and moves to our south to accomplish Charlie sqaud for the townsweep that begins at the south as i say.

Wide 30 meters!

We all move towards our positions in a spreaded line and stand up and move forward in a normal march speed with a 30 distance between eachother towards the town called Pavlovo.

As we step with our boots in the wet gras throught the field we go over a small hill in a slow phase and come on top where i moved my left hand and gave an Halt sign and looked at the town as i loads of people stumbeling around.

I grabbed my bionoculars and looked at the town and moved my finger scrowling on the top to adjust my vision as i see loads of people stumbeling along, twiticing and leaking blood.

Maten contact command and tell him that Weapon has been used onto this village and that we will recieve contact no survivors spotted yet.

Command this is Bravo Bio-Weapon use spotted in town we got loads of Targets in the town itself, no survivors spotted in open over.

Bravo this is command copy that move into town and investigate and search all houses for survivors over.

Bravo here Roger that Wilco out

Allright double line and we will move towards town.

We all moved into the double line formation and moved to town

as we got close we saw one contained civilian reacting agresivly on our presence and began sprinting towards us

Contact front 100Meter Civilian!

Pranger Tell him to stop!


In Cherna Russian You idiot! Say derzhat!

O-okay Derzhat!



He begins raising his weapon towards him


I kidna got weirded out by the situation and i advice him to do a warning shot to make it more clear to let him stop.

Warning shot!


*He aims towards the air and shoots one round off*


*There suddenly appears the be that a whole pack of those civilians began running towards our sqaud from the city as the shot went off as i get verry suprised at how this situation suddenly became to be

*contact front 100 meter group of civies!*



*A Shot went off and the civilian fall down on the grass a vew meters afront of Pranger as he begisn crawling to him grumbeling and squuering towards him*


What the fuck is wrong with him!?

Ah.. ehmm.. ahh...! Fire positions! Fire at my command!

*Everyone takes a knee and has their weapons up high as i look at the bunce of civilians running with anger and rage towards us with blood as i can see that they are affected by the Biological weapon so i stop my hasitation and command to fire*


*All right fingers stroked the downside of the trigger and with a gently controlled pull all 8 weapons of the sqaud went off and fired a round as the intern system quickly chamberd another round automaticly for another shot and another and another as our focused eyes planted the shots onto the civilians that ran with agresion towards us

the sound and the flashes went on constantly as we saw the impacs onto the civilians as some dropped and some went on and just kept getting hits as eventually they all were dropped or crawling as ive slided my finger off the trigger and demanded the hold fire*


*they all slipped their fingers off the triggers and lowerd their weapons down as they looked upon the bodies laying afront of them as they all realise that we just shot non combatments and ill people while there is gunfire in a small distance from us*

W-w-whyy? did they run towards us...?

*Most people within the sqaud was little shocked at how this first encounter was, that at our first we allready had to open up on people as Nouta bends down and pukes at the sight*

Charlie Here contact south 50m of outskirts!! Possible infected civilians! one of our men wounded by a civilian!

*Me snaps myself out of this moment and focusses again and says*

Snap out of it guys Move forward and Sweep the red building 70 meters direct front! four first in last four cover outsides!

They all still sheeply looked afront to the pile of bodies and vew dieng infected moving a limb.


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  • Sapphire

As some might have said, I also noticed some grammar errors, but holy shit, I don't even care about them, this is so well made that I'll go with it.

In my opinion, minor grammar errors like yours can be 100% forgiven if the story is good.

And holy shit it is.

mind if I steal some ideas on the structure on the text...?

Just kidding. Keep up the good work!


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  • Emerald

As some might have said, I also noticed some grammar errors, but holy shit, I don't even care about them, this is so well made that I'll go with it.

In my opinion, minor grammar errors like yours can be 100% forgiven if the story is good.

And holy shit it is.

mind if I steal some ideas on the structure on the text...?

Just kidding. Keep up the good work!


Sure do buddy! Steal all the formats! ANARACHYYY!!!!

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  • Titanium

Wow Rynder, amazing! Please continue.

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  • Emerald

Should i finnish this?

Still have all the basic plans to finnish this origin story for the public but just need to make it all detailed to write a good story here youknow still have like 3-4 chapters to go untill the end.

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  • Sapphire

Should i finnish this?

Still have all the basic plans to finnish this origin story for the public but just need to make it all detailed to write a good story here youknow still have like 3-4 chapters to go untill the end.

Yes! Yes please!

Just keep writing. Even if you don't get a lot of comments.

Just keep writing because there are always going to be people who are reading it and enjoying it. <3

Go forth and write!

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Allright first house at our 12 basic formation when breaching! ID all who are inside correctly and outside too!

Mulder went to the right of the front door with Prins on the left.

I was behind Mulder while Nouta was next to Prins ready to breach the door while the rest awaits behind the others covering the other sectors. 3...2...1... Breach!

Nouta kicked the door in and Mulder and Prins moved inside checking the front and the corners while me and the rest came after them. Hallway Clear Right room Clear! Moving up stairs!

It was a dark house inside so everyone had put their flash lights on quickly enought cause it appears that the owners had baricated all the windows.

All clear no bodies found!

Allrigth disembark and move to next house!

Pranger was the first man who left the house, when he went past the door he checked his right and left and immediately yelled


In a split second everybody quickly thougth where the main street was and so ran to the windows and tried to kick the baricates out some suceeded and took a position and engaged the blood coverd crazy people as they rushed the streets.

In the distance shots were fired from the Fatman 3 upon the targets.

Take cover APC is engaging the targets!

The fragmentation of the impacting rounds flew acros Pranger close as he seeked cover inside the house as the rest took cover behind the walls

Fatman 3 Cease fire! Bravo is next to target in the west house! I repeat danger close! you are shooting almost on us!

Fatman 3 holded its fire so we could now relocate, luckly enought the APC done its damage upon the people as they were all scredded appart on the streets.

Everybody now get out of the house! Move to next one for Breach

This is Alpha we have found 2 survivors

Command here Excellent work Alpha escort them safely to the rendezvous point

We breached another house wich was also dark as these residents also have decided to hide in their house. my sqaud searched the house for any signs of where they possibly were but with no luck.

We felt the rumbeling of the CV-90 passing close to us as Charlie is coming close with their sweeps as they have armord support.

The sound is loud of the CV-90 i dont hope it...



I spoke to soon!!


When the CV-90 drove close to the center of the city it appeared it woke up all the infected in the town who were hiding in all the buildings that we didnt breach yet. Meanwhile Heavy fire came out from a house 2 buildings away from us.


This is Fatman 1 you got multiply contact leaving the buildings north of the town we are engaging over.

We quickly left the building and went towards Fatman 2 as it was engaging several houses with Infected puring out of them as we did the same. We all stood next to the CV-90 as it engaged the north and we kept all the infected of the sides and back.

Contact right! Contact Left! Contact Back! We are serounded!

The sqaud shot around the left right anc back sector as the CV-90 engaged the frontal with full effect. The infected dropped fast as our shots were accurate aalong the head and the chest but they just kept coming. Suddenly the house where Charlie was had several explosions within them! They pulled the pin's!

God dammn it! There is to mutch! everyone! in the Tank right now we are pulling back!

Fatman 2 Open the hatch we are moving in pop the frag's when we are all in!

The Hatch on the back slowly opend and we one by one verry quickly rushed inside as the infected rushed to the CV-90 as i was one of the last with Pranger and Sonnema we had to shoot the infected away with full automatic fire as they came to damn close!

One of the infected grabbed Sonnema at its arm and bit him and he screamed out in pain as he shot around him in panic and hit Pranger.

I quickly took cover behind the back as i screamed

Sonnema!! Pranger!! Call god damn medifec here now!

We cant hold up mutch longer we are being overwhelmed sed the Tank commander we need to close now!

I am not ganne...!

I saw Pranger fall down with eyes wide open left back of the hatch as i saw his eyes move trembeling with tears while sonnema screamed out being eaten alive i got in a state of shock and my men pulled me into the Hatch when it closed.

Deploying fragmentation!

The tank commander activated Fragmentation defence so that the tank shoots a vew fragmentation grenades in the air to kill anything outside as the tank driver stepped on it.

We are leaving this place now its a clusterfuck

Oh fuck i cant see shit anymore there is a body on my sights!

and i cant open up the hatch its blocked!

The driver drove with full speed forward with the adreline rushing throught as the danger got real close.

Use the GPS get us out of here!

Yes sir we!

Suddenly the CV-90 crashed against several walls and drove into a building as we hear several rubble crashing upon us.

What just happend Soldier Visser!

Uhm uhmm... We crashed Sir..

Brilliant work... really Brilliant work..

GPS says that we are at the location of where the local church is..

Well then check if the hatch is still blocked and try to see if we got a clear passage out of our sweetheart here

You guys back there okay?

I was laying there eyes opens as the others sat there also in shock of what happend as this wasnt like what we were experienced with back in Afganisatan or Takistan.

The tank commander looked at us with pity as what we have experienced out there as if happend so quick.

This is Fatman 1 to Fatman are you guys okay over there you have crashed into the local church and made the Tower collapse on your vehicle..

This is Fatman 2 we are allright bravo 2 sadly has gained 2 casualties and we are now looking if we can get out of this wreck.. Hows the situation out there Fatman 1?

FUBAR We just had to slaughter multiply targets and Charlie is down. Command has made an order to put the town of Chernogorsk to wrecks with iron rain as there a a fuckton of nests over there.

Man i dont want to be there we are ganne try to dig ourself out you just stay frosty out there Fatman 1 Fatman 2 Out.

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I was in a state of shock. What ha shappend at that moment will burn on my eye lid forever as it is not usual. It was kidna like reading a book and see it thrown in the fire before you readed the good ending of it. At this moment i wasnt able to speak but only hear what i only really had now was my thoughts and emotions going rampant but as my trainers sed is that you can turn off your emotions just like turn off the feeling of being cold. Self decipline and controle is an interesting subject about the human.

Ive got it open! Sed Prins exited... Great now move out carefully and keep your helmet on like its your Girlfriend that thing keeps the rubble from taking your head.! The Tank commander sed with a smoothing voice.

Vew of my men slipped throught the hatch with a flashlight ready to explore around. The first gu who moved out reported shortly that there is a soft glow of light coming from a room and it was dicoverd that those were the candels of inside the church.

A Chernarussian voice is heard in distress of the surviving soldiers of the crash and as i heard his voice i also heard the voice of one of my men saying. Survivors!!

A meeting of survivors and us commenced, they moved me out of the CV90 gentle and nicely and placed me down in one of the banks of the church. Alot of Chernarussian words filled the room, i didnt understand most as i only knew a vew necersary ones but the tones of the voices was first distressfull and now full of hope of savior.

One Chernarussian could speak english, it was the priest and he instroduced himself as Father Tsarev to us. The tank commander moved to him and shook the hand of this gentle person. Are you soldiers in good shape after that crash? We were pretty suprised at that event! I heard the priest say in heavy accent.

Well not really cause we have obtained 2 casuality's when we wanted retreat and so crashed into this place! Most of these soldiers are kidna well just take a look at them and especcialy the Sergeant! You know plenty when you see the faces. Those were the words that escaped the mouth of the tank commander as i sat there on the bank of the church looking down seing the eyes of Pranger.

The experience was like seing an VHS tape running stuck on tv where you see the same scene over and over again. You cant rewind or move forward cause the tape is stuck there. You just have to wait untill the tape breaks at the problem it has now. I saw the moment of Pranger his end in my mind again... its stuck there with the scream of Sonnema as the soundtrack playing in the scene.

My mind flashed like an explosion and i suddenly was startled as the priest comforted me in my nightmare of repeated memory of what had shortly happend. I was weak at this moment kidna like it struck me at a weak point. Hush my child in the home of God you are safe among the angels. That were the words of the priest and they comfort me as in this place its peacefull and tender. The little gloomy lights of the candels and my men sitting along a vew locals talking and sharing food. I had no idea how far i was away in my own thoughts as they have recoverd so well but they have got the mercy to not see the event of death with your own eyes of a person you cared about as a friend.

You are not outside anymore in hell of where the demons roam. Ive heard of what was the fate of one of your soldiers Sergeant and i can give you this that they are now in a better place. And that they are watching you know not wanting you to mourn but to go forward my child. I thought that all his words were pretty fancy.. all a nice fantasy to hide from reality that there is some kind of hope going around for the people with a terrible fate to meet death itself. I looked at him in disbelief and confushed as i dont know what to do now. 2 of my men are dead, we are stuck here among survivors and i am trapped in my mind talking to myself as somehow cant kick myself out of this mainly cause i am weak at this cirtuan moment and need to restore my strenght.

I was never really verry active when it came to religion. Grew up as a protestand and never really went to the church when i gained the choice. I hated it when i was a child cause i didnt see mutch purpose. Hope... something you can beleave in something that.. isnt reallity but just a wish to happen. reality isnt the same as the mind of a human.. we are complex.. we are not simple animals. We have the ability to move away from instinct and make free choice.. and soo religion comes in as subject. This priest.. a person who dedicates all his time toward this religion and makes his job of it is.. interesting. He right now is trying to comfort me with words and care for those are now blurry for me as i am now only thinking.

Hours pass and i am at the same place silent and thinking about many things. I never really did it to be honest i was always busy always had the army in my head as ive bene in the army since i was 18. Its a big part of me and never really thought about it or what is else in this world. One of my men right now is chit chatting with the Priest and some others are busy with the radio of the CV90 trying to establish contact. They have contact and they are setting up that we are going to get out of this church and move away the survivors to the camps and that we can do our job again..

Our job...

Save civilians in a some third world country while there is an epedemic going around turning people into mad doggs. Like its kind of rabies or like a zombie flick. This isnt easy for all i know and there is a load around. May this perhaps be judgement day? The priest is rambleing around it right now, Speaking verses from the final book of the bible called 'Revelation'. It may sound a bit with fantasy but this priest.. this priest doesnt speak with toungs but speaks with sense. As his words and sentences fall thoghetter witht he events of today. The house of God here in peace as outside hell roams the world for perhaps it is a test to see who deserves heaven and who dont!? If you think about it.. in the times of now moral can be put into question and the so called good people can be reveleaved as what they dont preach. This may all be perhaps the plan of God.. to test.. who deserves heaven.

But your dead will live; their bodies will rise. You who dwell in the dust, wake up and shout for joy. Your dew is like the dew of the morning; the earth will give birth to her dead. 20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.. Isaiah 26!

The Priest kept on his preach as suddenly the front part of the church rumbeld and light moved into the church. A crane from a logistics truck of one of the local army's smashed throught and moved the rubble away. Every was silent and the crane moved the rubble away and Soldiers purred in to check on us. In reaction i stood back up and stopped thinking and got back to reality again and away from ym mind. The sound of the crane removing the rubble can be herd in the background as the higher up approached us from this unit and says. Fatman 2 and Bravo i pressume! You got yourself in a pretty mess here i see and hell you even found survivors! Joy was around the survivors and the unit escorted them out towards an other logistics truck for transporting. As we got outside we hard the noice of heavy fighting in the background as it still went on. The bodies of hundred filled theses streets after the affect of our village raid. We were succesfull, we got survivors and whiped out all the infected in the town. But we lost 2 great men doing so. Shortly after they got all the rubble off the CV90 but the tank itself is broken. We made contact again with our command and while we were doing so the priest moved towards me and handed me an bible and told me to give it a read. I looked at him and nodded a vew guys of my unit had a little laught but.. it may be a nice read.

Bravo and Fatman reporting back in the network over.

Command here we are happy to have you back in the game as we have a further objective for your unit over.

We are 2 men lighter but i think we can go on with the mission command.

Allright its good to know our boys still can go on! anyway activity has been spotted in the the town of Vybor of possible survivors it is your mission to move to the town and find these Survivors. german troops there strangly enought in the sweep has not gained any infected resistance so it maybe on will be an easy job. Call us in if you are close to the location and brief back if survivors are found Command out.

I had a look around and moved to the tank commander who was looking upon his CV90 and sed to him.

Thanks leading everything while i was kidna passed away. he nodded with a little chuckle and sed Just doing my job! Anyway while the fatman is down ya better get along with the Survivor transport cause it goes along Vybor! nice and handy and ya dont have to walk all the way. Anyway good luck with the mission and stay safe boys. I nodded and commanded the unit to get on the logistic transport truck among the survivors and well in a while we drope up the north. Isnt no pretty sight staring around you when you drive among the dead but oh well this is war what do you expect. Cause this sure is a hell and well you gotta love the little things.

//After this i will make the final part and then its done.

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