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Rules when roleplaying a mercenary


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Now, the playstyle that I often do favour in many games that allow it, is that of a hired gun. People would hire me to do anything from mundane tasks to actual assassination, and pay accordingly.

Now I wonder, how likely is this to work without breaking any rules in DayZRP? The problem here being that of course, I don't necessarily have a grudge against my target, but have to kill them anyway to get paid. Would it be allowed to say, have a PM or so as proof that someone else ordered the assassination, or an item in game that would allow someone to tell who ordered the assassin?

The second part being that being an assassin, you do not necessarily have to be anywhere near your target thanks to the presence of sniper rifles such as the .338 Lapua and the 7.62 M24s and SVDs. This may also cause a problem as I would never have to initiate the target. This would break a second rule. This can of course be avoided by going in Hitman style and get up close before stabbing your target, but is there another way?

As Leon would say: The rifle is the beginner's choice, the pistol is for intermediates and the knife is only for the professional.

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Sadly no, you can't kill someone without initiating on them or your clan initiating on them. Or Vice Versa of course.

It would be a good idea if it could be handled, but I think it would lead to more problems personally.

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the problem is how do you roleplay that with the victim? you can't just shoot them as they'll just think it was koS or RDM which it would be.

You would have to kidnap them, torture them and have a valid RP reason to kill them. I wanted to roleplay a Merc sometime ago so I PMed a admin and they its okay if you roleplay it well and correctly.

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Maybe you could roleplay as a hitman, that just captures targets?

So you don't have to necessarily kill them as Hudson said, but you could 'deliver' them.

Maybe, I don't know, but it could be possible to have something where if it is confirmed and you have proof that someone has valid execution rights on a man, that you could execute this man for these people.

However, I currently don't think it is within the rules.

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You would still need to initiate on a target that you have been hired to kill.

If you are apart of a clan you could get them to initiate and you could be on an elevated position to use a sniper rifle but you would all need to be an official clan and all have tags and be on the CP.

Obviously if your alone and you see your target that you have been hired to kidnap or kill you will need to initiate but as long as you are sure the target is alone. If he is with his group and you go and initiate alone it could be classed as no value for life.

Hope this helps marking as solved but leaving open for others to comment ;)

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