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Underground when activating a skin

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  • MVP

In case you haven't managed to get out of the ground, just change skin. This will take you out of the ground. If you don't have another skin to use, change your forum profile to female and activate a female skin.

Can you post the name of the skin you are having the issues with? That way someone can test it and see if they are having similar issues.

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Hey My ingame name is Reagan Trumps,

I donated to get a skin but every time i go Activated it, it puts me in the ground! It also tells me you have to be offline or in the lobby but it still doesn't let me wear it. But the main Thing is it keeps pushing me underground

-snip- Muntz beat me to it. I am guessing that you unlocked merch 12 skin. It is currently bugged. Try changing skins.

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  • Sapphire

Well can whoever is incharge of the skins try to fix this problem so i don't have to spend another $10 AUD to get a new skin

If you tell us the skin, then it'll be hopefully fixed. Is it, Mercenary 12?

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Tell us the skin and im sure this will be updated for you ASAP.

I would like to ask how are you activating this skin?

Are you doing this when in the game or when sitting in the player lobby??

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