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Hello everyone, today Jack Shares his flashbacks from Military school preparing himself for the marines before the outbreak. the year is 2010. Hope you enjoy the RP in this.

Military school, March,21,2010, Nevada USA,

Day 1

Well, todays my first day at Military school. Atleast I got away from my dump of a house. Im training to be a marine when I turn 18 in 5 years. And when I do, I will probobly be sent to Iraq. Guess this is gonna be the most intence training i've ever expierienced...

Sound of Bus Moving...................................................

Jack: Damn, I really can't believe im doing this, oh well.

Vince: Hey kid, whats your name?

Jack: First of all, im not a kid, second, my names Jack.

Vince: Huh, well, Im Vince, My parents sent me here to "Straighten me Up"

Jack: Well It was my option to come here, i want to be in the military one day.

Vince: Say Jack, how old are you?

Jack: 13, why does it matter to you?

Vince: Just wondering, im 15, by the time I turn 18 im off to Canada.

Jack: Why Canada?

Vince: Free health care, like the cold weather, and best of all, im 3600 miles away from my family!

Jack: Huh well good luck with that.

Well I guess I've Finally Arrived here. I never knew that I would already make a friend, I guess Vince must've been getting into alot of trouble. God only know what kind of shit he's been getting into.

Cpt.Linsky: Welcome to Camp Alpha, you will be given your Uniforms and given a Barrack Number and your bed, dont piss around. We don't take shit from trouble makers around here. By the way, Im Captain Linsky.

Captain Linsky seems like A Nice guy. But I don't want to test to see how pissed off I can get him. Guess I better not be as open minded as i used to be. Might aswell get some sleep, We have to wake up at 4AM tommorow.

Part 2 will be out Tommorow Night, Hope you enjoyed Day 1 Of My Characters Time at a Military School back when he was just 13.

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