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Well hello guys, I'm new to dayzrp but I've seen a ton of videos on it and I think I'll fit right in!

My InGame Characters Story-

I was employed in the military a while back. My 5th day in Afghanistan my squad was pinned, I heard the click of the grenade and that was It. When I awoke I was in a hospital, I could not hear out of my left ear, my head pounded and my arm was all stitched up. When I was later released from the hospital 4 months later I could not stay in the US anymore. After I received my Purple Heart I left the country and moved to Chernarus. I lived my life there for two years as a video game designer, it was hard to get a job only being able to hear out of one ear. After my second year there was rumors of a man eating infection, no one in the city believed it. That's when it started...

The infection began to spread from person to person, I no longer went to work, and I could no longer attend work. My life began to go to hell. Like others I looted, raided and killed. My military training helped me to a extent, I was more familiar with weapons compared to the next guy.

Now I live out in Chernarus surviving day by day, helping any friends killing any foes, screwing those dam zombies, hoping one day to go back to my normal life where everything will be ok.

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Hello and welcome!! Hope you enjoy it here in this brilliant community. Nice read, I'm sure you'll do well at RP. If you have any problems there are plenty of staff or friendly people like me to help you out ;). Good luck!

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