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The Injected Roleplaying Thread

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This is a thread for Injected roleplay. I will try to format it as rumors, legends, and tales so that you can use it as a base for in-game knowledge.

Tales Around the Fire

Back in 2013 there was this drug syndicate that called themselves “the Injected.” Clever fuckers. [inhales from his smoke] They were in real tight with the Chernarussians and Rangers, supplying them with truckloads of morphine and shit. Now, the guy who ran that band fancied himself as “The Employer.” Every one of his boys had a title like that: the Veteran, the Bookkeep, the Quartermaster… If you ask me, that was reason enough not to trust them. Anyone who hides their name is doing something they ain’t proud of.

Now, about six months after these guys took on S-GRU, the Somalian boys, a Mexican Drug Syndicate, and your occasional opportunist crowding the medical business, they vanished. Poof! [the stranger pats his hands together, ashes falling from his cigarette] Now, at the time, his territory was being invaded by some hoity-toity spec-ops boys from the States. [breaks to inhale from his smoke] A lot of people think that’s why they left. But a buddy of mine in the Rangers told me “Nah, he just finished his job.” He had this big-shot client on the side. Very hush-hush kind of gig. He had apparently been supplying drugs and shit to this colony on an oil rig off of the coast the whole time. That’s where they got a lot of their toys from. This client’s payments made them some of the best equipped fuckers in Chernarus. That’s where he was shipped off to. He and his boys earned their place on the rig.

The thing is? The Employer is back, and he’s hiring! He apparently took a chopper back to the mainland and crashed it somewhere near Tulga, where his territory used to be. Something had to go pretty fucking wrong on that rig for him to wanna leave. Those things are like cities, man, and completely isolated from the world. Now I never met the guy, but he’s apparently smart. Like creepy smart. So he must’ve had a reason to come back. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll let you wonder, man, because ain’t no one heard that story yet.

Now, if you're one to go and ask for a job from that guy, I don't blame you. His boys back in the day had it real good. But I gotta warn ya: This Employer guy has a bit of an itch, now. I'm not talking poison ivy, neither. Looks like he's been usin' what he's sellin', ya know? So you can look for him, just..ya know... be careful. The dude's jumpy.

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The Employer does not share his name with many people, and even rarer still does he explain why. He was a medical supply representative for a company called "Medifair." Due to heavy competition in the States, his company outsourced and distributed most of its products to Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries. This put his company in a very profitable position in late July of 2012, when the crisis in Chernarus began calling for international aid.


The Employer, early 2012. He has since lost his reading glasses.

The Employer was sent to ensure that the delivery of Medifair supplies went smoothly to the relief effort being set up in Chernogorsk, where the local and international forces were making an attempt to quarantine the infection before it spread into the city. He was sent with a small security detail of veterans and mercenaries that his company hired as protocol when sending representatives into conflict areas. The Employer made his shipment, and helped with the distribution of supplies in the city.

The Employer was unable to leave the city before the infection overcame it. He only survived because he got onto the hospital roof, and locked the door behind him, trapping hospital staff and even his bodyguard in the stairwell to be killed by the infected. He pushed back against the door as he heard the muffled screams of the unlucky few that he left behind. It was on that roof where he lived, and it is on that roof where he will make his living.

The Employer claims ownership over the medical supplies in Chernogorsk, and demands fair payment from survivors seeking aid in the city. He also offers to deliver product in bulk to groups in Chernarus looking for a steady supply of medicine. He used this business plan to escape Chernarus once before, and he succeeded. But he is back, he is hiring again, and he has big plans. If you think Morphine is all that's on his agenda, you're dead wrong.

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-The Founding-

Prior to this video, the Employer shared with his companion Gauis that "it feels wrong to just let people walk out of here with those medical supplies. It's because of that crap that I'm stuck here. If anyone's got a claim to call it theirs, it's me. I deserve something for being thrown here."


The gunshots came from a man named Karl, a doctor with the Outpost Rangers. The Employer asked the stranger for a trade for the medical supplies. While the Ranger was offering Gauis and the Employer a can of gasoline, a zombie lunged through the hospital glass, snapping the Employer's leg.

The Employer's screams were echoing through the desolate city. The Employer held his hands to his broken leg, squirming on the floor that his cheek pressed against. His saliva poured into the floor as he screamed and hyperventilated, unable to pause to swallow.

Gauis, known for fixing any situation, had a fix in mind. He saw zombies gathering and reacting to his new business partner's screams. Instinctively, he grabbed two morphine injected, and stabbed them into the Employer's thigh. "There, now shut up," he told him.

The Employer glanced back at the needles in his thigh. "Fuck, Gauis, I was trying to quit that shit!" The Ranger pushed Gauis aside and examined the wound. "Yeah it's still bleeding. I'm going to need to remove a portion of your pants to inspect it. Gauis, watch the door."

The Employer, with one hand holding his leg and the other between his teeth, said "Heh, shouldn't you buy me dinner first?" between his grunts and pants of pain. The two men above him laughed.

"Yeah, this is dislocated. I'm going to need to set it. Here, bite onto this." Karl took the bit of the Employer's pants that he'd ripped off, rolled it into a firm pad, and placed it between his teeth.

"Three...." He put his hands into position.

"Two..." He looked at Gaius, who was pacing and looking away. Gauis gets squeamish in these scenarios.

"One." The Employer covers his mouth with his hand, and POP! You could hear the two ends of the bone rub against each other and set into place. The Employer let it a horrific shriek beneath his hand, shaking, panting, and writhing on the floor. "There," Karl sighed, "it's set now. You'll not be able to put much weight on it for quite a while. You'll need to be careful. Once you feel up to it, try to sit upright."

After about 20 minutes of writhing and uncomfortable silences, the Employer crawled toward a hospital bench, leaving his broken leg straight and limp. He looks to a body outside the hospital door. "Was it the farmer?" Gauis looks outside and sees the zombie that broke the Employer leg. He nods. The Employer throws his trusty crowbar at the corpse. "And my day was going so well!" He yelled between the pangs of the crowbars bouncing metal.

"Do you think you'll be okay?" Gauis asked.

"Just...bring me to the car. I need to sleep this off..." The Ranger and the biker both carried the pharmaceuticals rep to the back of the hospital. They propped him into the passenger seat. He scooted the seat back to let his leg stay straight, rest his head against the back of the seat, closed his eyes, and held his hand over his face, sighing.

Gauis brushed off his hands. "So..." he turns to the doctor, "you need a lift somewhere?"

I wished I had recorded more of it. It was an awesome moment. Lots of love goes out to Karl for the great roleplay he provided. It was a fun night, and a good promise of what's to come. Unfortunately, it looks like the Employer is going to have more trouble quitting his morphine addiction that he'd previously thought.

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The Employer (Mr. E), Gaius, John, and "The Clown" all had a pretty fascinating exchange tonight. After performing minor surgery on Balial (spelling?) and pumping him with an obscene amount of drugs.

After some unpredictable behavior and strange antics, Gaius asked The Clown to move on. He didn't like being so close to a man he couldn't gauge. The Clown climbed down from the roof and hid in a corner near the truck. After a couple minutes of looking for the Clown, Gaius threatened him, telling him to keep moving and find someplace else to "chill." The Clown stopped behind a wall, and Gaius yelled out "Do you think I'm stupid!?"

The Clown responded with very unsettling profanities. He seemed very easily triggered. "Could it have been the drugs?" the boys' new companion John asked. "Hm. He seemed a bit...irritable." said the Employer.

Suddenly, shots erupted. Bullets cracked into the hood of the truck that Gaius and the Employer saved the Clown in. "You have got to be kidding me!" The Employer yelled out, running to the edge to look for the man. Amongst the dancing shadows of the zombies, it was difficult to see the Clown.

He dashed into the dark with grenades and bullets ripping through the air past him. After several high explosive rounds and blinding flashes, the Clown disappeared into the industrial areas of Chernogorsk. The three men on the rooftop all huddled about, keeping low and watchful for the dangerous and armed lunatic.

John advised the Employer and the Fixer. "Watch for the moonlight to dance off of the dew. It's the best way to spot movement after midnight." The three men shined lights over the city, waiting patiently and looking for sign of movement, too nervous to expose themselves or leave the safety of the rooftop.

Vrooom! The trucks engine turns over and accelerates! The Employer panics, sprinting to the edge, and taking aim at the driver's seat.

Crack! Crack! Pop! Crunch. After a few shots, a body fell from the driver's seat of the truck and falls flat in the dirt, the truck rolling forward and crunching over the body bags behind the hospital.

"In retrospect, I think that man may very well have been a druggy." said John. The Employer and Gaius invited John into their fold, promising mutual benefit if he helped with the Employer's plans. No deals were struck, per se, but implications were made.

Tonight was quite iNtense. :) Good roleplay, everyone.

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I promise to post more to this thread and let you know about all of the awesome roleplay we've been encountering, but so much of it needs to be kept secret for now. I'll share it all once the stories have concluded and it is safe to declassify such volatile information.

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