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This is my story up to now, but these are my DayZ now

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Employed as a field scout for a PMC operating from an un-disclosed location in Chernarus before Zed-Day, Matt 'Scimfaxi' Thomas spent most of his professional life sneaking and snooping around behind enemy lines. Collecting information on enemy positions, numbers, weaponry and fortifications. Over several years and many successful operations Matt Thomas was awarded with the codename 'Scimfaxi' to co-incise with the call sign of a Russian nuclear sub he identified for an airstrike as it came in to dock during the Russia - Ukraine war of 2014.

During his last operation he was dispatched to Chernarus with the mission of evaluating the CDF's (Chernarus Defence Force) air capabilities. After several days of staking out an airbase, keeping track of munitions moving in and out of the base he noted several unaccounted for heavy trucks coming in and going out of the main gate each carrying biohazard signs.

In order to pull out of Chernarus Scimfaxi was to use the radio mast at Olsha to contact EVAC, however things did not go as planned for the first time in his career when a passing patrol discovered his location near Stary Sobor. Captured and escorted back to the CDF his radio was taken from him before anything else, even his weapons. It appeared to him the CDF really did not want news of what they were up to getting out to the world.

During transport to an undisclosed location, which can only be presumed was for his execution. The soldiers stopped to assist a civilian roadside car breakdown, before he was aware of what was happening the soldiers who were meant to be changing a broken wheel were cracking off gunfire towards the civilians who seemed to him to be 'eating' the soldiers.

Taking the opportunity to escape Scimfaxi ran off from the transport and the more than likely dead soldiers.

This is my story so far, these are my new... dark DayZ...

After fleeing the military transport I ran desperately through the woods away from the cracking of automatic rifle fire and the bloodied screams of the soldiers. After a short while which felt like an eternity to me, I stumbled upon a familiar sight. THE COAST! I had made it south far enough to pick myself up and try to find a way out of this hell hole of a country.

Upon my time spent roaming the wasteland I frequently tried to get to as much high land as possible in an attempt to reach someone, anyone on a short range field radio I acquired from what I guess was once a police officer. I managed to reach a few nearby survivors in need of an extra pair of hands and a gun to escort their friend to a hospital.

I decided to stick around with the group and help them out as there is safety in numbers and I had, had quite enough of having no one to talk to. I partly felt that they wouldn't last long without my help. We roamed the mid northern areas of Chernarus for a while. Ran sacking every supermarket we came across to keep our group of 7 alive and healthy(-ish), hunting the wildlife and keeping an eye out for other survivors who may have been in a bad situation and in need of urgent help. Unfortunately we didn't find anyone we could help. Instead we only found bandits and murderous gangs of lost souls trying to re-assert themselves in this new ruined world.

The group I was with eventually splintered off into pairs and lone survivors on pleasant terms. Yet again I was fending for myself, it was a bitter-sweet experience I must say. On the one hand I was back in my element once more with no worry of risking my life in others hands, it was just me and my skills as a lone scout once more.

Carrying on sneaking and snooping around Chernarus I discovered several 'settlements' and sat and watched down on their inhabitants as a form of guardian force through the scope of my rifle. Happily to my surprise after keeping tabs on the inhabitants they came across to me as friendlies and I decided it was time I moved on to the next place hoping to find somewhere derelict to scavenge or an unexpecting bandit looking to donate his stolen supplies for a better and more justified purpose..... his death at my hands or his backpack.

Luckily for any potential bandits out there I didn't come across any of them on my path, I did however befriend a survivor going by the name of 'Dale' who was searching for his wife Mia. With just the two of us roaming the wasteland I lead the way back to an area I deemed 'safe' to rest, eat, talk and collect my thoughts. For a moment I almost nearly forgot the world had gone to shit and was able to relax for the first time since arriving here.

I made sure to savour the moment as I knew that once we packed up our makeshift camp and headed on our way there would be even darker DayZ ahead, and by my word was I right.

I went from a bad situation to an even worse one, out of the fire and into the frying pan. Almost literally too when I came across the cannibal girls...

-- Keep checking back, all these stories are from my actual experiences of DayZRP with it's great community and more than brilliant imaginations. I will keep you all up to date with my story as and when it happens !

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