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Q&A With My Character "Jack Allan"

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This is a Q&A with my character that i use in DayZRP, im doing this for the people who really don't know alot about my character.

Question 1: Weapon of choice? 44.Magnum. Damn thing Can drop a bull.

Question 2: Where are you from? Im From The Midwest of the US. fucking cold down there.

Question 3: Exactly what do you do with your spare time during the apocolypse? I usually Sleep at prud or chill by the fire there, or write in my journal.

Question 4: Since you have preached alot at such a young age, were you a preacher before the outbreak? No, i was a helping hand with the family farm, i just read alot of books and know how to say things.

Question 5: Whats your goal here in Chernarus? Join an Orginazation. Help kill these fucking monsters before they kill all of us.

Question 6: Where is your current location in Chernarus? Somewhere along the coast, don't have a map at the moment.

Question 7: Whos is your greatest enemy in Chernarus? Well i thought it was the Brotherhood of steel, but then I guess you could say we are friends now, I dont really have an enemy, other than the SDS.

Question 8: What do you do when your relaxing or alone in spare time? When im Alone i will usually like i said in Question 3 write in my journal, and if im relaxed at a camp or just at prud, if theres a good crowd of people i will usually get my gutair i brought from the States and play a few tunes.

Question 9: What would you do if someone who was recently bitten asked you for help? I would say "Ok" and shoot them in the head. Why? Cause theres nothing more to do. Once your bitten, your bitten.

Final Question: Any groups/organizations you could say your Allied with? Don't know really. But the BoS, Royal Reds, and the Watchers have been friendly torwards me. So I guess that I would be allied with them, and or help them out in a firefight.

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