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Airport Glitches

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I don't know if we can fix this, but if we can't, then i still want to warn everyone. So lets just get into my story.

First of all, i was running torwarsds and airfield next to the coast.

And its the smaller one with only 2 bunkers and 1 radio tower.

So i was inside the radio tower and i find someone. So we were trapped by zombies, he had an AK, i had a TT-33 and a crowbar, so i was killing them and so was he, on the 2nd floor, to the right of the stairs, theres a glitch that makes you go through the wall, and fall to your death. I dont know if you can fix it, but its annoying, it ruins RPing, and its really un realistic. So if you can't fix this, than i guess its just a heads up to everyone who goes to the airport next to the coast.

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It's been a glitch since that ATC Tower was ever placed in Chernarus. The Devs may be able to fix it, although it is completely rare and nearly impossible.

Thank you for informing everyone, the only thing you can do is avoid the wall!

Next time you have a bug like this, please post it in Bug Reports, thank you.

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With any type of glitches best thing to do is report it HERE as slute suggested.


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