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*You see a tattered note pined to the barn at Prud lake, and it reads*

Hello Survivor,

Allow me to introduce myself people call me Dr. White. Back before the infection hit i was sent here to help people with there psychological issues. Let me explain in which i have dealt with in the past and if you can relate to any of this you might be interested in what I have to say next. So yeah were do i begin over the years i specialized in people with number of things Depression, Anger, Anxiety, Suicidal and also helped people come over addictions.

But what i have been told is that life in Chernarus has gotten a lot worst and i believe i maybe, just maybe be able to help you with your problems.

Whats the catch you might ask?

No catch what's so ever but I would be ever so grateful if you could bring me a few cans of beans and couple of drink's as for lets say payments for my services. Screw it you could always pay me with protection from bandits and the dead as i am not, well lets just say i am not trained in the art of combat and kind of struggle with that sort of stuff.

I hope people see this as its an offering for help and I am announcing that i will be at this very location every Saturday and able to help and talk to anyone that need's it just call out my name and i will take you to one side and see what i can do!

Hope i will be of great service to you in the future,

Dr White.

//every Saturday night 7pm server time i will be at prud lake offering my services to people and hopefully get some good roll play out of this i will start posting some sort of medical logs or a journal of patients on this thread so people can read what i have been up to.

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