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Whats Your Favorite DayZ Map?

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I wanted to create this thread to see other members of the communities favorite maps and their opinions. I will start with myself.

I myself, absolutely love Namalsk. It is my favorite map due to the cold survival aspect, bloodsuckers, and everything is based on surviving. Namalsk was the first map I ever played in DayZ besides Chernarus.

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  • Emerald

Really like Lingor, but Chernarus is the best one.

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  • MVP


The jungle is just amazing!

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Namalsk. Adds tons more realistic survival than any other map. It adds cold , the EMP wave , the bloodsuckers that make you run and all that just makes you feel little and powerless compared to Chernarus which makes you a zombie killing machine and invincible to cold while actually dressed with a shirt...in the rain...in russia...outside...wet...

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  • Sapphire

Taviana(origins) due to the extra areas and the endgame island.

Namalsk due to its ambience, enhanced survival and overall creepyness.

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Guest whitepointer

You really can't beat Chernarus. As much as I love all the other maps created, Chernarus has that ability to draw you back into it; no matter how long you've played / got used to it.

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  • Emerald

Taviana and Namalsk would be amazing if we had another server with one of these maps RP there would be amazing.

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