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Kondors Family Safehouse

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*You find a note on a tree near Elektro with a picture next to it*

Hello surivars out there on the streets. We are 3 brothers of Kondors family who have done well on their surival. Now we have opened up a safehouse where you could get supplays and help from fellow humans and peace keepers of the place. Or settel down for few days and take a rest from running. Our people will take care of the dead people and your health. We are located to east of Cherno on a hill with a lonely house. If you see nobody around, take a sleep and we will be there in few days. We still need to go look for supplays to keep life going there. Make sure you pose no threat and give peace keepers your ID untill you leave.

Stay Safe!


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/Moving to Roleplaying

Is this a settlement.

No, it's just him using an in-game house as a place for him and his brothers to live.

Hehe oh.

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