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Vehicles disappearing

Guest Daddy Kropp

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Guest Daddy Kropp

Other than the obvious situation of a person finding your vehicles and taking them. Would there be any other way vehicles would just go missing from the location you put them?

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If you park them too close to the edge of the map, they can de-spawn.

They could be blown up too, not just taken by players :P

If there is a server wipe, it'll reset all of the vehicles.

Another one would be not parking it quick enough before a restart, this means when you log back in, it will move from where you parked it. That's probably what happened if you didn't get it stolen!

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Guest Daddy Kropp

I know it wasn't prior to a restart, like too close, they seemed to have disappeared after the server crash late yesterday on S2. Its really not that big of deal as I don't get attached to gear or anything, just odd that they were randomly gone.

Do the vehicles have to be "saved" before each restart?

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Vehicles can only disappear if they are parked too close to the edge of the map or if they are taken by someone else. I have also heard (as burgz said) that vehicles if not parked up before restart properly move.

I have also heard of cars being destroyed on a restart because they were too close to a tree (not sure about this one)

As for saving the vehicle I believe you should save on restart to keep the gear inside after a restart but I never have and its always in there after so maybe that isn't true :P

Ill solve this but leave it open for discussion :)

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