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Earth Hour.


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  • Sapphire

I guess so, as long as my PC stays on ;)

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  • MVP

Eugh, The earth. It's always going to be polluted.

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  • Emerald

wut iz diz?

I think it's some sort of fundraising event to turn off unnecessary lighting. To be honest I don't have any unnecessary lights to turn off :P

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If I turn of my electric for an hour I'll probably start having withdrawal symptoms and just sit on my bed in the fetal position while chanting "I don't need it".

Maybe a little over dramatized, but you get the idea.

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People keep saying we pollute and stuf blablabla cars and all that...but the last volcano spilled more CO2 than humanity has in all its history

That is complete bs, just saying :P. A volcano doesn't even come close, to what we humans have done in all our history. Don't believe everything you read on the internet ;)

But, about the earth hour, I probably won't flip a switch, cause most of the time, there is only one light on anyways.

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