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DayZ SA the zombies suck

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I dont think they are that bad. They can run through buildings after you they look alot more dead in terms of the movements. Im happy that they are not constantly jumping at you.

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We can't complain, it's only Alpha.

To be honest, we're lucky we ever got it :troll:

The zombies to me seem like a lot more effort has been put in and I like that, they are more detailed.

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Guest Vespah

Exactly as stated above, of course the Zombies are gonna suck, its Aplha. And the Zombies arnt coded the same as ArmA 2. The reason why the ArmA 2 Zombies Zig Zag is because standard AI will Zig Zag and take cover upon contact.

Also, the devs have to iron out the big bugs and glitches before fixing Zombies :).

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Guest elliekek

Somewhere i read that current zombies are just a placeholder for something they are developing right now. Ergo - stay put, it will get better.

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the zombies seem impossible escape now. they were fine at the very start where there was barely any running around and they didn't respawn.

Wouldn't be 'realistic' if there were barely no zombies in a zombie apocalypse would it?

Seriously though, when they fix the glitches with the zombies(running through walls etc.) I think it will be okay. Maybe add a few more in the bigger cities. Now it seems you can run into a horde of zombies in the middle of nowhere, which is kind of cool, and challenging if you're not aware of your surroundings.

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