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A radio message to everyone in the wasteland.2.

Guest johnygt7

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Guest johnygt7

Gets his radio out of his pocket, while approaching Olsha radio tower.


Howdy partners!It's been a while since my last radio broadcast.This is John Job the omniponent comming with good news!After the last broadcast bandit acts on John job's Gas and repairs and Johntopia lake (former proud lake) have been significantly reduced.However there are still bad people around the area.His highness heard about bandit acts happening North of Novy Sobor, in a placed called the S-Gru turn.Therefore, i decided to claim that S-gru thing.John job will make a small camp around Sgru.From now on civilians of chernarus got NOTHING to be afraid of while passing through Sgru.John job will be there, most of the time protecting the road, and giving civi's basic supplies.On top of that, the well known Sgru turn has a new name.And that is "Job's turn of happiness"Also, our moto is "NO BANDITRY ALLOWED!"With that being said partners, anyone who opposes me or anyone who tries to rob in and around Job's turn of happiness (former Sgru turn) will be PUNISHED!if someone commits a robbery, he will get 1 warning.If he continues being a bandit and rob more people around that area, he will be executed.People of the wasteland!You got nothing to fear!

Cowboy John job Bazarov the omniponent out!


*Puts his radio in his backpack and starts walking south...*

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